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This gen has really just be one dissapointment after the next

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  3. This gen has really just be one dissapointment after the next

User Info: Aladdin2557

4 years ago#21
kingjam1 posted...

User Info: dwdwdw6

4 years ago#22
I think people will feed him for many a post after this. That's what we do :)

User Info: gatz900

4 years ago#23
lol seriously what do you get out of making these topics ? go away and play a game you like
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User Info: Alphrin

4 years ago#24
fddsfsasf posted...
70 pokemon announcement

Mega Charizard X revealed, cementing this gen as a genwunner panderingfest.

Starter final evos revealed. Arguably the worst we've ever had.

Individual revealing of each pokemon, 80% of them are as bad as Gen V designs if not worse.

with all Fairy types revealed, it was confirmed for cutesy pink type, instead of cool mythological type it could have been. Wasted potential at its finest.

No trio revealed. No pixie revealed.

Reviews start talking about lack of postgame. Reviews start talking about poor difficulty.

IVs confirmed for the same.

Pokemon stats getting calculated on Smogon. Aside from the absurdly OP megas, everything having terrible stats.

Multiple stupid design choices (Helioisk being Half NORMAL typing, Goodra being pure dragon, Oblivion Wing being flying type.)

Anything else I'm missing?

1. There's already more than enough pokemon to collect. We just had 156 introduced a few years ago. That's over 200 pokemon introduced during the 3DS's lifetime.

2. You say this like it is a bad thing. We just had a gen that ignored previous gens. What's wrong with a little fanservice now?

3.Agreed on Delphox. Disagreed on the other two. But this is entirely subjective anyway so it has no place here.

4. Again, subjective. I have liked most of the new designs so far.

5. Xerneas, Klefki, Gardevoir, Mawile, and Granbull are all cutesy pink pokemon?

6. The series has been oversaturated with legendaries. It's good to tone it down. Even so, we're probably going to get at least one event exclusive legendary at some point.

7. Sounds pretty standard for the first two versions of a generation.

8. Agreed, but it's no more a disappointment than in previous gens.

9. What's wrong with more Normal type combos? It's about time we started getting more combos with Normal. And I thought Oblivian Wing was Dark type?
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User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#25
I completely agree TC. Game Freak really messed up this gen.
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User Info: EtoRanger

4 years ago#26
Hai fddsfsasf!

Your name makes me think of trumpets.

I played a trumpet in Music class.

I remember playing Pokemon Emerald during free time in that class.

As such, I think fddsfsasf is from Hoenn.

User Info: Deathsword00

4 years ago#27
It's too soon to call the Gen garbage, but a few of those are completely fair complaints.

Some people won't acknowledge them or the people who feel disappointed because they can't accept that there might be some people who don't blindly love the games as much as they do. After all, anyone who has a disappointment or complaint is an entitled spoiled brat!

User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#28
*wonders why everyone keeps bringing up genwunners when it's said they don't like change or any of the newer games, thus would hate Mega Charizard and be like "insert rant here"*
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#29
I want to punch TC across the face.

Countdown to pokemon X & Y and PS4.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#30
fddsfsasf posted...
DragonDeoxys posted...
I think, I think, that the pokemon fandom reaches new lows every gen. TC´s brain cells must have degraded as those of the hardcore Sonic fans.

name one thing illegitimate about my complaints.

You said that difficulty is low. Leaks have stated the E4 have Lv. 65+ Pokemon and mega evos on their teams.
Generation (pi)(i).
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