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End of Smogon?

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User Info: Buster-Blader

4 years ago#1
With the addition of Mega Stones, how will Smogon create a viable OU tier? Last generation was hectic with a lot of disagreement on how to deal with the weather in that metagame. Now with the 6th generation upon us with Mega pokemon having over 600+ BST, how will Smogon handle this? Will they ban Mega Stones all together? If so, then will the masses follow Smogon's rules for Wi-Fi battling without Mega Stones?

If Mega Stones get banned then I am personally done with Smogon's battling rules. It was shaky enough last generation and now this time I think I will just follow Nintendo's VGC rules. I predict that Smogon will lose even more credibility this upcoming generation than the last one.
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User Info: Hejiru

4 years ago#2
Isn't Lati@s only banned when it's holding Soul Dew? They could do the same thing here. Lucario is OU unless it's holding a Mega Stone, in which case it's Ubers.
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User Info: Soulstrikes

4 years ago#3
Smogon is just a group of people that battle pokemon using a commonly accepted ruleset. You don't really present any good points as to why they might suddenly stop using their website.
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User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#4
End of smogon?

Only in your dreams.
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#5
Hejiru posted...
Isn't Lati@s only banned when it's holding Soul Dew? They could do the same thing here. Lucario is OU unless it's holding a Mega Stone, in which case it's Ubers.

This guy gets it. (Although it's only hypothetical it's far more logical)

Certain Pokemon will jump tiers with Megastones while others will end up in Ubers/etc. If they aren't already in Ubers.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#6
As it begins, they'll let everything in save the super Legends. They'll do extensive testing with the Mega Evolutions and see if they totally bust everything or if they're balanced out by the fact you can only have one.

They may also determine some Megas aren't as broken as others and simply ban those to Uber.

We don't know what will happen until we actually get there.
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User Info: Vito219

4 years ago#7
I see the going to Uber or being banned all together, Megas for the most part are ridiculous minus Pokemon like Absol or Mawhile. There was no need to make strong pokemon even stronger just because of lol fanservice...their criteria seems kind of backwards
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

4 years ago#8
Mega Evolutions are completely different pokemon and will be treated as such. It's just that simple.

User Info: Quantumpencil

4 years ago#9
Smogon has not lost any credibility. They're site is the premier source for pretty much the entire competitive pokemon world, and you're fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

Megaevolutions present no challenge to smogon at all, they've banned items before. They'll simply suspect test the megas and then go from there.
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User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#10
All Mega Evolutions do is give more for the community to do. Playtesting is what they love to do, and what they do best.
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