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Does everyone really nickname pokemon?

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User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#11
I nickname every single one too. I don't put any effort at all into the ones that sit in the PC forever, I just make a stupid pun or something.
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#12
I nickname my favorites
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User Info: Exaetellus

4 years ago#13
Only the ones I use. They really don't deserve a name if they don't sit in my private court.
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User Info: HF92

4 years ago#14
If I can come up with a fitting, clever name, yes. if not, default it is.

User Info: unexpressioned

4 years ago#15
I used to nickname my pokemon. Somehow I just prefer to leave them as it is. They were given names by the creators (GF), so why not just leave it the way it is? With that said, there's nothing wrong with wanting to give nicknames to pokemon.

User Info: Brillohead

4 years ago#16
I nickname them all, some really ridiculous names.

User Info: discodancer77

4 years ago#17
I used to not but after a bunch of nuzlockes in different games, if I catch a Pokemon I've had in a nuzlocke, I will name it what I named it in the nuzlocke.
Say in a fire red nuzlocke I had a tentacool named bob, if I get a tentacool in say, heart gold, I will name it bob. I don't really nickname for first playthroughs, especially on new gens, just so I can memorize the names
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User Info: Kilaldagren

4 years ago#18
Never, there is no way I could think of that many names. Also I like there names.

User Info: kaliskonig

4 years ago#19
Only for the ones I like. Starmie will forever be Hoshimaru!!!!

User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#20
I never nickname my pokemon. I used to nickname my main party their species names, except with lowercase letters (SCIZOR would be nicknamed Scizor), but since Gen V, I didn't need to do so anymore.
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