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get the fc's while they're hot!!!(exchange thread)

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User Info: Kaddisfly

3 years ago#91
3110-5023-9078 will add as many of you as I can.

User Info: lanmanna

3 years ago#92
I need a Ditto please.

User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#93
It's in my sig. Be sure to PM me.
One life. No continues.
3DS FC: 4785 5422 7178

User Info: FrozenXcalibur

3 years ago#94
My FC is 4613-7000-6908. Pm me to add.

User Info: spnccarman

3 years ago#95
mine is 4570-7200-1264

User Info: xMarumi

3 years ago#96
Add me too!
Just remember to PM me your FC so I can add you back :)
3DS FC: 0302 - 0114 - 3520
Fluff of Tyria!

User Info: KingChickadee

3 years ago#97
thanks for sharing fc's
3DS FC: 0602-6862-2970

User Info: nutari21

3 years ago#98
Please add me to your friend list and PM me so I can add you as well.
Pokemon X Friend Code:0533-4937-5866

User Info: P1_Jake

3 years ago#99
Added you Tc!

Add & Pm me guys! :D

P1Jake FC: 4398-9435-7143
GT: Mr Dante -- FC: 4398-9435-7143
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