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X or Y? Why?

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User Info: andylbh

4 years ago#1
Hi all,

why did you choose X/Y over the other?
Any big difference between them other than different pokemons?

Thanks in advance !

User Info: xNolx

4 years ago#2
I chose X because two of my other friends picked Y. Plus I like the Mega Evolution Charizard.
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User Info: Jabroni2000

4 years ago#3
Few reasons.

I like Xerneas over Yveltal. I actually kind of hate Yveltal's design.

I like Mewtwo's fighting mega form over his weird brainy one.

It has Pinsir, who is finally getting some love this gen with a mega form, and who is my homie from way back.
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User Info: sirach7

4 years ago#4
i cant be the only one who read that as xyy and thought of a hermaphrodite
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User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#5


need a mega stone only found in the other game... way easier to get...
need a pokemon only found in other game? way easier to get....

in sort way easier to get anything and everything you would need with out demanding middle person...

for everyone willing to give you the free mega stone... or random pokemon you need/want

their will be one that demands you get one the most pain in rear to get pokemon/item
owns all game systems... equal feelings about all of them...
its the games i tend to take favor to o.O
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