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Evee Evolutions?

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User Info: h4ssk0pf

3 years ago#1
my pokemon knowledge is really slim, but I was wondering why it isn't possible to evolve my freshly caught lvl 23 evee with a leafstone? Thunderstone works fine, but I wanted a Leafeon or whatever the name of its nature version was.
Well since I'm already on the topic, where do I find the first Ice stone/shard to evolve Evee into glaceon?
Thx in advance

User Info: gg132

3 years ago#2
They don't evolve with the stones. At least that is how it worked in the last 2 generations

Edit: at least not Leafeon and Glaceon anyway

User Info: Crystal_Command

3 years ago#3
I found the Ice rock somewhere in Frost Cavern, cant mind exactly where, and the moss rock in Winding woods or whatever its name was both locations are a fair way into the game.

Edit: oops double post...
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