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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#1
I'm continuing Kippty's topic and giving it a couple of steps further to it..

= Pokemon Zombie World =

Same scenario as the The Walking Dead series. This game consists of two phases:
1. Get your pokemon that will help you survive
2. Describe a concise survival plan
And then I'll rate it how good is your survivability.

Here are the steps and rules:

1. Use this site to get your pokemon exclude legendaries and set it to 1 pokemon (do not set it to 3)

2. You have three Tries, each one can be used to get a pokemon. You will use one try at a time, meaning one pokemon at a time until you have three. Do not just use one try to get all three at the same time.

3. For each pokemon you get, it will always be the lowest possible state of its evolutionary line (If you get a Charizard or Charmeleon, it will be counted as a Charmander).

4. After you get all three pokemons, you may choose to delete a pokemon from your team in order to evolve another. So if you delete 2 pokemons, your third can evolve to the third stage.

5. You have access to only three TMs that can be distributed however you like. You may choose to burn up all three to evolve a pokemon.

6. No egg or tutor moves, unless you burn up two TMs.

7. Access to HMs are unlimited, given your pokemon can learn it

8. One item can be held per pokemon (this rule might change).

9. All pokemon can be infected with the exception of Ghost types, but they can still be killed.

10. All attacks hit Zombies for neutral damage. They have no immunities, and no pokemon are immune to them.

11. Once you have your Pokemon(s), assign their items, give them a moveset within their movepools, and distribute the TMs.

12. Write a short survival plan and how each of your pokemon can help you survive. Be creative, that is very important.
- Flying types or HM Fly can help you escape from dire situations
- Fire types can help you create bonfires to cook food, keep you warm during winter, use smoke signaling, dispose of killed zombies.
- Electric types can provide electricity.
- Water types can help you find water (They DO NOT create drinkable water, you have to think of a way to find sources of water, and they can help you)
- Grass types can help you find medicinal herbs, they can also help you grow vegetables, fruits and berries faster and with higher effectiveness. If you get a pokemon with the Harvester ability, you can't die from starvation, but you can't just rely on berries forever.
- Psychic types or the Mind Reader move can help you detect if survivors you might find can be trusted or not and therefore rid you of paranoia.
- If you get Patrat, you can't die from zombie ambushes.
- Ice types can help you preserve food for a certain time.
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#2
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#3
Battle starts here.

User Info: Leafy101

3 years ago#4
Seems fun, I'll try:

I give up Zangoose and Tms to evolve Mareep into Ampharos.

Ampharos gets ampharodite (I think that's what it's called), Manaphy gets Poke Flute; it can calm down zombies, but sometimes the situation does not allow me to play(swarmed, running, etc.)

Manaphy's Pokedex entry says it can befriend any Pokemon... This could help get survivors on our side.
Ampharos' Pokedex entry says it's tail is used as a beacon. Very useful.
Ampharos learns Cotton Guard, it can be used to defend.
Thunder can set forests on fire for a last resort.
Manaphy learns Heal Bell and Aqua Ring for recovery.
Manaphy learns Surf, Waterfall, and Dive for escaping.
That's about it, unless you allow tutor moves. In that case, Manaphy can learn Last Resort. The game does not exactly say what Last Resort is, but it is a very powerful move, and could certainly come in handy.

User Info: B01t

3 years ago#5
pansear, burmy, sigiglyph.
I don't even.

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User Info: Alakazam_fan

3 years ago#6

dey f***ed
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User Info: KittenLina

3 years ago#7
Solrock, Roggenrola, and Cherrim.

**** it, I'll take my chances alone.

Rock types should NOT be able to be infected, how the **** do you sink your teeth into a bolder?
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User Info: boarbaque

3 years ago#8

Burn tms and replace Treeko in order to evolve Misdrevous and Panpour.
Since Mismagious is already dead it can possess the corpses in order to fight other zombies.'
Simipour is for finding water and boiling stuff with scald, possibly destroying zombies with boiling water
I can surf on Simipour if I'm near water to get away from the zombies. I'd probably survive at least for a year.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#9
Leafy101 posted...
- Ampharos
- Manaphy

i think Manaphy is considered a legendary. Anyway, I'l still accept it because it's the first entry.

Very nice! You got a mega, Amphabulous no less, the tail beacon is an excellent way for signaling without noise, and manaphy is a good diplomat for lawful to neutral people, but rogues and scavengers will be a hard problem. Cottong guard is a good alternative when creating blockades to entrances in a certain building, it's not better than hammering doors with wooden planks, but it can buy you time to get some wood and a hammer. Burning a forest via thunder is your last resort, though it doesnt have the same effect within the urban area and the crazy loud noise it makes would attract more zombies than those you're using it on. Still a Stabbed Thunder by a Mega is one if not the strongest feats you can accomplish in this game, and it can be used to: a) Clear a zombie horde within a radius, b) sabotage whatever electric energy system an enemy group has in their base, c) Threaten rebellious groups d) Create your own electricity plant and repower it whenever it's needed.

The only problem I see here is that you only listed 2 moves, if you could have, say declared at least an attack with greater PP like thundershock, you could easily make your way through zombies no problem.

Manaphy is a great healer for both Ampharos and yourself, why scavenge pharmacies for antibiotics and painkillers when you have Heal Bell and Aqua Ring, right? By the way you listed 5 moves, you need to remove one, still they're all great attacks and as you said useful for escaping, more so surf than the other two, so you might want to ditch either Waterfall or Dive.

Let's see what you have covered so far:

Reliable source of attacking: Medium; Thunder attracts more than it killed, Surf and Dive/Waterfall are ok, though not a lot of PP, and Dive needs extra time to perform which is bad in dire situations.

Food: Low; forced to scavenge, negotiate, harvest, grow cattle

Water: Check. Manaphy helps

Allies: Check. Ampharos and Manaphy help

Bandits: Medium; Ampharos tail attracts all kinds of people, but its Thunder might serve as a threat. But it's stiil a lot better to not attract them at all.

Base: Check; you can create bloackades and even your very own small power plant.

Escape routing; Medium; forced to walk and try to find a usable car, surf is great but if confined in an area without a water body it's useless. If base's entrances are surrounded, Thunder can easily force a way out but you have to be quick since the sound will make your base be overrun for sure.

Urban Areas: Medium; forced to Surf to kill zombies, once depleted you're better of to stealth mode. Safe if you manage to find a base

Green Areas: Medium; there are less zombies and less restriction for escaping, surf is ok here. Tail Glow is great during nights, you and your pokemon sum for a total of 3 so you can use turns to do vigilance while the other two sleep. Forced to use tools for making fires and search for food. Good last resort escape with Thunder.

Overall Rating: 7.5
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#10
B01t posted...
pansear, burmy, sigiglyph.
I don't even.


NA/10, needs more information
Battle starts here.
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