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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: qynvee

4 years ago#101

Delete Venipede to evolve Eevee into Espeon.

Get TM18 (Rain Dance), TM19 (Telekinesis), TM25 (Thunder).

Main strategy is to have Espeon find other survivors, then have Misdreavus steal what I need from them and possibly extort further resources from them.

> Magic Bounce
-Morning Sun
-Future Sight
Espeon will be my bodyguard. Psychic will fend off threats while Future Sight can predict and set up traps. If needed, she can heal herself on demand with Morning Sun. Swift serves as a type neutral special attack against other people's Pokemon.

> Levitate
-Rain Dance
Misdreavus will serve as utility. Rain Dance provides potable water, Telekinesis can access hard-to-reach places, Thunder combos with Rain Dance for 100% accuracy to mow down mass numbers of zombies and provide electricity at the same time, and Thief will be used to steal from other survivors that Espeon will find.

User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#102

I give up Finneon and the TMs in order to evolve Beldum into Metagross.

Litwick can be used to create fires to cook. As well as that, being part Ghost-type, it can't be infected, so it can use fire attacks to take them out. However, my main powerhouse will be my Metagross, which I'll give BrightPowder to in order to avoid chances of being hit. Litwick will hold a Flame Plate to increase its fire power.

Litwick's moveset will be:
-Flame Burst

Metagross' moveset will be:
-Iron Defense
-Meteor Mash
-Hyper Beam (only to be used in emergencies)

Meta is able to help me detect survivors and if they're telling the truth. Litwick can create fire.

(Sorry if this wasn't very good, I'm not skilled in creating movesets.)
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Be warned, I may jump to epic fails of conclusions and general other errors. In advance, I apologise.

User Info: Legendary_Musas

4 years ago#103
Tropius - Unlimited food supply (Bananas) and can fly
Steelix - Unaffected by bites (Steel body) and can destroy Zombies with EEEEEASE, just thwak them with his tail
Lapras - Ferry over Water and unlimited water supply

User Info: Biggie150

4 years ago#104
Croagunk (Toxicroak)

Keep pre-evolutions
Keep TMs

Ability: Shell Armor (eliminates crit risk)
Item: Leftovers (restores health in battle, but also something to keep it from starving when in hiding)

- Flamethrower: Powerful move for in battle, but also useful in starting fires, cooking food etc
- Smokescreen: Use when overwhelmed by a zombie horde for an easier escape
- Shell Smash: Extreme boost in Sp.A for when in battle, and also Speed for a getaway
- HM Strength: Move large boulders around to barricade a base camp, and also for when cornered to open up a new path

Ability: Pickup (for finding supplies: potions, full heals, berries etc)
Item: Focus Sash (Keep it alive in dire situations)

- HM Cut: Removes obstacles in the way, plus STAB damage
- Switcheroo: Trades focus sash with Torkoal if he is in danger, gets HP back from leftovers while sharing a food supply
- TM Dig: Use when evading a horde
- tutor: Icy Wind: Keeping berries and food cold is important for preservation of supplies

Ability: Poison Touch (inflicts damage on zombies)
Item: Rocky Helmet (inflicts damage on zombies)

- Thief: To steal supplies from other zombie invaders
- Taunt: Gets the attention of zombie hordes, forcing them to attack it
- Poison Jab: for close combat battling (after taunt)
- Revenge: for close combat battling (after taunt)

My original plan was to drop Croagunk and evolve Meowth into Persian, but if I did I would lose the Pickup ability, so instead I decided to use Croagunk as death fodder. He has no real important moves other than thief to steal supplies, and taunt to get zombies attention while Torkoal and Meowth can evade, sacrificing itself in a blaze of glory with hard hitting attacks. Meowth also has a dex entry saying that they withdraw there claws to silently sneak about, making it a great scout. Between Pick up, Switcheroo, Icy Wind, and Flamethrower, I could preserve healing items and food, while ensuring the survival of either Torkoal or Meowth with Focus Sash. Dig, Smokescreen, and Shell Smash, make for a quick and reliable escape plan and Strength would be valuable for protection (but also for evading. Finally, both have access to STAB attacks for in battle.

User Info: Chaosxxxsoul

4 years ago#105
F!Ralts (Flipped a coin to determine it gender. Head was male, tails was female)

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun...

I'll get rid of combee and TMs to evolve Ralts in Gardevoir.

Gardevoir has a gardevoirite and Happiny has an oval stone(there's no rule saying i can't give her this)

Gardevoir know Teleport, Psychic, Moonblast and Heal Pulse
Happiny know Sweet kiss, Heal Bell and Recycle. Last slot is for Softboiled when she'll evolve

Here's how thing are gonna go:
-Zombies shouldn't be a problem thanks to Gardevoir due to it's ability to see the future and provide safe escape.
-I'm gonna want to evolve Happiny ASAP thought, as Chansey eggs are full of nutrients and should keep us fed for a while.
-Medecine won't be as important thanks to heal pulse and heal bell but I should still be cautious. -Happiny use recycle to salvage any important supply.
-Ultimately, I'm gonna have to find other survivors or find somewhere safe where we could settle down.

Looks like I have better chances then I thought at first. Still, I'm curious to see what you think.
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User Info: Dembonez19

4 years ago#106
I'm feeling pretty good about this group.


I'll dump the TMs to evolve Drilbur into Excadrill.

Scyther - Swarm (Safety Goggles)
Swords Dance

-Scyther is our food provider and a strong offense on our team.
-He uses Swords Dance to keep his scythes sharpened whenever there is a break to do so. This is also used to create sparks for making fire.
-Utilizing Cut, he is able to chop down fruit trees and navigate through tall brush to forge paths on land that could help filter hordes of zombies and help us hide while on the run.
-Agility will keep him at top speed so that he can slice through multiple zombies quickly and also catch and kill fast prey for us to eat.
-X-scissor is his main offensive move. This is purely to defeat our predators since Cut is used to gut and prepare prey.
-He can also help Excadrill with certain shelter tasks since cutting through hard objects only makes Scyther's scythes even stronger.
-Swarm gives Scyther an extra boost by making him angry and powering up X-scissor even more, but with so much going on in a battle with Excadrill and Sigilyph helping to slow hordes down, he shouldn't get too low on health.
-Safety Goggles prevent Scyther from taking any weather damage.

Excadrill - Sand Rush (Rocky Helmet)
Drill Run
Rock Slide

-Excadrill is our shelter provider and provides a solid backup for Scyther in battle.
-With Drill Run, Excadrill is able to burrow his way underground, through cave walls, and through abandoned buildings to turn into shelter. He also uses Drill Run to dig wells since he is capable of burying up to 300 feet underground.
-He will then use Rock Slide to cover up the hole that he created, although Rock Slide is also a useful move against zombies and hordes as long as his Pokemon partners are out of the way.
-Earthquake is his main offense against the zombies since the move has no effect on either Scyther or Sigilyph. It helps slow hordes of zombies down all at once so that Scyther can rip them up even more quickly than before.
-In sticky situations, Excadrill can boost his speed with Sand Rush by summoning a Sandstorm that in turn causes the zombies to be buffeted.
-Excadrill's Rocky Helmet will help with the chip damage.

Sigilyph - Magic Guard (Light Clay)

-Sigilyph is the getaway and provides extra support against hordes.
-Fly obviously gets us from point A to point B. Since Sigilyph never changes course and keeps watch over where he's going and what's below us, he should be able to find the safest places to rest as well as other survivors. If we ever reach his home, he will be able to call upon other Sigilyph to help build our defenses. Using Fly also protects me for when Excadrill uses Earthquake on the ground.
-Since zombies attack by scratching and biting, they are contact moves. Therefore, Reflect defends everyone on the team against that. Light Clay ensures that the barrier will remain in tact for much longer.
-Whirlwind blows specific zombies away.
-Psychic helps slow the hordes down, however if we manage to run into other Sigilyph along the way (since they travel along the same course), the combination of Psychic attacks from our new allies should keep the zombies at bay for a very long time, if not permanently.
-Lastly, should weather cause an issue, Sigilyph should be protected with Magic Guard.

The biggest thing we'll have to look out for is medicine. I can wash wounds, and Scyther can make incisions, but we don't have much in the way of actual medicine and healing besides herbs. Luckily, Excadrill and Sigilyph slow hordes down from afar allowing Scyther to slice the zombies up before they can attack, so my guess is that we'll find allies before lack of medicine becomes an issue.

User Info: venkou3

4 years ago#107
My three pokemon would be:

Ability: Imposter

Held Item:


Ability: Hydration

Held Item:

Mist ( for quick escapes with the help of Ditto transformed into lapras)
Surf (get away by water)
Scald (To boil water or burn zombie flesh)
Ice Beam (to make an ice fort)

Ability: Pick up

Held Item:
Life orb

Parabolic charge (hits multiple targets)
Dig (underground escape route)
Swagger (to confuse the zombies)
Grass Knot ( to set traps for the zombies)

User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#108
Ok, I'll keep the reviews in the evening.
Battle starts here.
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