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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#31
kratos_jadelove posted...
Oh, I didn't realize Sky Attack was a two turn move. Guess I should use Flying types more, lol. But anyway, I'm still pleased with my grade. Cool game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it ^ ^
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User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#32
Mr_Serenity posted...
- Dragonite
- Metagross

Sorry Serenity, but the rules say you can ditch a pokemon and/or TMs to evolve a pokemon once, not just go to its final evolution stage, so we can't have two final evolved pokemon when it's evolutionary line includes three stages.

Btw, yes, you can have one item per pokemon.

And given the case you chose to have a Dragonite, I think it'd be better to have Inner Focus rather than Multiscale, which doesn't give him armor nor invulnerability to infection.
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User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#33
well rolled (dustox)Wurmpule, (kirlia)ralts, and snubbull hmm tough set up to work with
okay the first thing to do is sack wurmple to evolve Ralts into Kirlia this will give me a useable psychic type and remove dead weight.

Kirlia should help me know if people are freindly and if not I should be able to pull off an escape

I will focus on using Snubbull's run awy and Kirlia's teleport to avoid as much trouble as possible
I will have to use TM wisely to compensate for rolling poor Pokemon I will focus on the 3 with the largest utility

Grass Knot
rain dance

Kirlia will have
teleport(for quick escapes)
Grass Knot tm1-for tripping up infected to give me more time to escape
psychic -for offense in case of emergency
Heal pulse in case of injuries this could heal the team sadly unlikely to cure infection
leftovers will help keep Kirlia around

Snubull will have
Flamethrower allows me to cook food or burn the undead(especially if they are all trapped up by grass knot)
Ice fang to freeze food allowing preservation
rain dance will call rain which could be collected to provide me with a water source clean enough to drink allowing me to focus on finding food
thunderfang could let me power devices(mainly batteries and capacitors) also provides a reason to keep me around should I find a friendly group
a damp rock could increase the duration of rain but a pp restoring item could revitalize me in an emergency(note plan to rest enough to recover pp on Pokemon)

using gen 5 move sets I know they will have changed as both of these guys got type changes but

my tactic will be to avoid head on conflict by using runaway and teleport to escape. Move wise I have picked attacks that would let me manipulate the environment to my advantage
the hope is to avoid conflict enough to be able to rest up and restore PP.

A head on fight will be avoided and would require me to be unable to teleport or run away first
teleport could be used to steal food and escape though i would prefer to find allies that i know I could trust Kirlia could help there

User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#34
Gamefreak229 posted...
- Dugtrio
- Pansear

Ok so this this team involves the quick construction of short term shelter.

Dig and Sand Tomb makes a perfect combination for escaping without being followed (I'm assuming you use sand Tomb on the entrance of the dig to block it off). Sunny Day provides light (for realism's sake, it does not make it become day) and cut is a versatile move for the reasons you provided, It also has a use as defense, although it's a contact attack.

The moves provided for Pansear are interesting as well. Flamethrower is incredibly versatile and a reliable way of disposing threats. At first I thought Thief was very situational, depending on ill intentioned survivors, and while it does, the payoff is amazingly high if combined with Recycle, now I can't stress enough how ******* useful this move is, it should be banned, you can anything from single food items, including your Fresh Water bottles, to batteries, to water purifying tablets, to freaking Max Revives. Coupled with Thief it becomes your true creme de la creme. Extra points for caring on the mental sanity department with Yawn.

A few notes:
- One of your highest priorities would be to find PP Ups to abuse Recycle even more.
- Also, take good care of Pansear, DO NOT reveal the existence of its move to anyone, you can create big scale wars because of it.
- Dugtrio's Dig would be quite effective and can actually make a temporary subterranean base, but you'd still have to find a way to circulate air, and find some metal/wood plates for lining the walls and floor, you can't just lay down in the dirt and sleep.
- Max Revive can revitalize your pokemon IF they died by means other than zombies. If they die by zombie attacks they are infected and Max Revive would be useless.

Reliable source of attacking: Check

Stealth: Medium. Nothing too loud, but nothing that actually uses stealth, unless you count Dig.

Water: Check. Fresh Water and Recycle.

Food: Check. Recycle. You big cheater.

Allies: Low. Nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, Pansear can incite betrayal and kidnapping.

Bandits: Low. It is true you have Thief to get back your stuff, but the ideal thing would be to prevent encounters with them in the first place, and even if they are encountered. But hey, it's still better than having nothing at all.

Base: Check. Instant Sheltering until you find an adequate base.

Escape routing: Medium. It is true Dig-Sand Tomb provides an excellent escape method. The problem lays in the situation where you can't use dig, say concrete or pavement.

Urban Areas: Check.

Green Areas: Check. You've got everything from instant sheltering, to food supplies, to lighting and fire making.

Overall Rating: 8.0 Instant Shelter and Recycle made this team, more so Recycle than anything else. I feel cheated.
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User Info: Clawfang93

4 years ago#35
Okay so here's my attempt:

Nidoran F

I'll sack both Combee and Nidoran to evolve Piplup to Empoleon then I'll teach Empoleon Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam and Earthquake. Surf and Waterfall so I can move around at sea and in rivers, Ice Beam to freeze doors shut and attacking Zombies and Earthquake for a zombie massacre plus Empoleon has lots of steel on it's body helping it if another survivor tried to kill it with a blade or a gun. I think I would survive for a few months
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User Info: Joebot800

4 years ago#36
Amoongus, Elekid, and Cradily

And I don't feel like doin the rest of the game.

User Info: Blackcat0123

4 years ago#37
Do zombies give off an aura? If so, Lucario would be very useful, because he could easily detect and differentiate between humans and infected, and even tell if a person is hostile or friendly just by reading their aura. Lucario is agile as well, and a formidable fighter, so he could hold his own. Even dark areas can be traversed easier thanks to aura.

User Info: Raikiri_Knight

4 years ago#38
Feraligatr, Flygon and Pinsir (without any resets). I'm gonna kick ass at nazi zombies with these guys!
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User Info: RagdollJay

4 years ago#39
Snivy, Overgrow, Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade
Leech seed

Sableye, Keen Eye, Smoke Ball
Shadow Sneak

Cubchoo, Snow Cloak, NevermeltIce
Icy Wind
Powder Snow
™Rain Dance

Snivy will be used to grow plants fit for eating, and healing herbs with the use of it natural typing and the bonus benefit of growth. It also has Leaf Blade as its attack move and can be used to cut trees to block oncoming zombies or if in a building cut down a jammed door, and Substitute as its decoy move. With Leech Seed with out be able to leach out the impurities in the rain gathered.

Sableye is the main detector. With the use of Detect he can see oncoming zombies and if encountering other survivors detect whether they are allies or enemies. Shadow Sneak allows Sableye to attack without getting attacked first. Foresight allows this ghost pokemon the abilities to predict what will happen and decide on the best scenario for survival, could also be used to find supplies, and Dig is the escape move needed when there is no other route out. If in a building where dig is useless, Sableye will use Smokeball as a last resort to escape.

Cubchoo is known as the Icy Cub of pretending, For it will Charm its way into the hearts of possible allies, while freezing zombies and enemies alike in an icy storm. It is also the supplier of water, by the use of Rain Dance.
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User Info: Zidane-Tribal

4 years ago#40
Scyther with a Poke Flute
Quilava (cindaquall) with a Charcoal
Carvanha with a Mystic Water

I burn my three tms to having cindaquall evolve into Quilava

Teach Scyther, Slash, Air Cutter, Cut, and Razor Wind
Teach Quilava, Flamethrower, Rollout, Lava Plume, and Eruption
Teach Carvanha, Crunch, Surf, Waterfall, and Dive

Food is going to be hard for be to find, water I shoundn't have that much of a hard time finding, Shelter shoundn't be that hard to make with Scyther and Quliava, though I shound be looking for a group quickly, Town and City might be my downfall, so I give myself a month or 2 alone
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