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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Metaun

4 years ago#41
Samurott [Burned up all TMS and Slugma. I'd probably die from touching Slugma let alone traveling with it]

[Ability: Shell Armor]
[Item: Mystic Water]
Surf: To get across any bodies of water and also to create distance between zombies if water is a problem.
Razor Shell: Direct contact; but in a way not. Utilizing a tool.
Mega Horn: A stabbing move; but also one to possibly ram a door open or otherwise.
Swords Dance: Basically power for the sake of power. If I need to kill Zombies fast; this is my go-to move.

[Ability: Harvester]
[Item: Leftovers]
Fly: If I need to get away this helps.
Leaf Storm: Could be used to hide an escape or simple blow through a crowd.
Synthesis: Possibly to clear out toxins or just rest Tropius up.
Protect: Might help.

Bring on the world. And final edit done.
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User Info: MozillaTheFynx

4 years ago#42

Give up Electrike To Evolve Lavesta into VOLCARONA

Volcarona moveset - Fly (HM) , Flamethrower , String shot , Psychic (TM)

Lapras Moveset - ice beam , thunderbolt(TM) , Surf (HM) , Hydro pump

Lapras : would be for mostly outside use ICE BEAM would be to preserve food & Possibly freeze Zombies,and to stop our prey in their tracks . THUNDERBOLT could be to kill a mass amount of fish in a river or lake , and turn electricity on IF Needed & also start forest fires . SURF is Self Explanitory . HYDRO PUMP is to kill mass amounts of zombies .

VOLCARONA : FLY Is to get away from zombies easily , see the top of trees to get hard to reach berries etc . FLAMETHROWER would be used to cook , boil , and kill mass amount of Zombies , Start forest fires . STRING SHOT could be used to reinforce parts of building as needed and to tie up bandits . PSYCHIC Could be for reading minds , moving objects , and silent killing .

We would be a nomadic group. In a constant search for berries , water and animals to eat. taking NO add ons (such as other surviving people).

User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#43
rave_stone13 posted...
- Doduo
- Smoochum
- Vaporeon

My bad, I should've emphasized more strictness regarding evolutions. Evolutions stones are excluded as held items. This will be the first and only Team I'll review that has 3 pokemon and one of them being an evolution.

Let´s see, Doduo is the team's De Facto escapist. Run Away and his pokedex are a big help already. Fly is the quintessential survival move. Aqility and Double Team further increase escapes. Quick Attack, a contact move, which I highly frown upon, can work on 1 on 1 encounters, when facing 3 or more, you´re better off escaping, which Doduo excels, still it's smart to have at least one attack than none at all. A good Doduo, though I'd swap Agility for Sunny Day for some lighting during nights.

Next is Smoochum, and oh my God! First of all, another Recycle winner! Forewarn already covers the survivor department. Psychic incredibly useful for its versatility, Blizzard great for the reasons you mentioned though it might be too much for food, Reflect only halves damage taken, I think you're confusing it with Barrier. You could've gone either with: a) Sing, for relaxation on the sanity department, b) Heal Bell, though it probably won't heal an infected teammate it can cure fevers, flus, and other worse diseases in the apocalyptic world scenario, c) Helping Hand means more time and weight limit for flying.

Vaporeon is good with surf as an escape method, Water Pulse is a very reliable attack form, Haze would be counter productive since we don't know whether or not zombies use eyesight for detecting humans, nonetheless it would be an ok move for escaping bandits, and if you attracted a group of zombies before hand, it would be doom for them while you flew away. Water Ring outside of battle is ok it can heal your teammates inside a secure place, otherwise useless in zombie encounters or in an open field where you have to be moving constantly, but an ok move for long term survival. I feel the need to suggest Rain Dance, say instead of Haze. That way once you find Water filtering tablets you can use them over and over with Recycle for a steady source of water.

Reliable source of attacking: Check. 30 + 10 + 5 + 20 = 65 total PP

Stealth: Check.

Food: Medium. solely depending on Recycle, you need to find PP Ups to abuse this more often.

Water: Medium. Vaporeon is related to clean water, that plus Recycle helps a lot. Would have no worries if you had a Rain Dancer.

Allies: Check. Forewarn

Bandits: Check. Forewarn; Haze, noise, Fly

Base: Low. Forced to find tools, base, and barricade yourself. You have three pokemon, so they might give you help you somehow. Would've been medium if Smoochum had Helping Hand.

Escape Routing: Check. Fly, Surf, Run Away

Urban Areas: Check.

Green Areas: Medium. Almost Check, you need to stay in an urban area to try and find matches, a flashlight, batteries, and some food supply, before setting foot in the wild. Once your list is complete you can rely on Recycle. Doduo gets everyone covered during sleep time, just be sure to let him relax every other week to keep its sanity in check.

Overall Rating: 8.3

If you want a real rating, play again with the rules regarding evolution
Battle starts here.

User Info: Pokedude21

4 years ago#44
Team: Caterpie, Espeon>Eevee, Nidoqueen>Nidoran
>TM/HM Use: Burn all TMs for Eevee>>Espeon; Cut (HM01) and Strength (HM04) on Nidoran
>Held Items: Caterpie- Air Balloon, Espeon- Wide Lens, Nidoran- Bright Powder
>Offense: Espeon as main ranged fighter; Nidoran(F) as ranged fighter and supporter; Caterpie as supporter
>Retreat: Run Away (Trololol), String Shot, Sand Attack, Toxic Spikes, Future Sight, Espeon and Caterpie info text, Air Balloon, Bright Powder, Cut, Strength
>Stealth: Hustle, Espeon and Caterpie info text, Future Sight, Wide Lens
>Scavenging: Espeon and Caterpie info text, Air Balloon, Wide Lens, Future Sight
>Exploration: Cut, Strength, Future Sight, Psychic, Air Balloon, String Shot
>Negotiation/Allies: Espeon's type and info text; Bright Powder can be used to signal allies
>Primary course of action: Avoid detection from enemies, scavenge for materials, and locate suitable allies
>Outlook: Most of my pokemon aid with either escape or with scouting. As such, my scavenging abilities are low. My team must constantly move for more materials, yet they can do so with little fear. Ambushes are also nulled due to Espeon's info text, as well as Future Sight. Nidoran's info text can be abused to assassinate enemies from afar, assuming they are in very small groups. Caterpie can scout forest areas fairly well due to its info text and can also force back foes with its scent. Espeon can scout potential allies due to its info text and type, along with Future Sight. Further more, String Shot and Psychic can be used to attempt to patch small wounds. In short, combat can be mostly avoided; therefore, the primary problem is resources, as well as move restoration.
Pokemon Data:
1. Info: Releases terrible odor from its feeler; can camoflage in foliage; can scale steep surfaces via suction cups on the feet
2. Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, N/A
3. Ability: Run Away
4. Primary Use: Caterpie will act as a scout in forested areas and possibly retrieve materials based on where it can go. String Shot helps with not only escape but also transportation, should I find a gap in my path. In combat, its scent and ability will make escape much easier.
1. Info: Senses weather conditions and foes' thoughts
2. Moves: Sand Attack, Future Sight, Morning Sun, Psychic
3. Ability: Magic Bounce
4. Primary Use: Espeon is the primary fighter in combat, using its info text and Psychic to evade and retaliate easily, while its Morning Sun heals it quite well. Espeon can sense weather conditions to help determine my route. Future Sight is quite overpowered, as it allows me to see the future to some extent, making it VERY versatile.
1. Info: The poison in its horn is fatal
2. Moves: Toxic Spikes, Cut, Strength, Poison Sting
3. Ability: Hustle (Field- Decreases wild encounter rate; Battle- Increase power at the cost of Accuracy)
4. Primary Use: Its info text makes it more than qualified to be an assassin, coupled with its ranged Poison Sting. Hustle helps me avoid trouble or helps poison's effect (despite Accuracy drop), based on my situation (offense or stealth). Cut and Strength, as HMs, are useful in transportation, as well as escape. Cut opens new paths for me, or it can chop up blockades. Strength also opens new paths; but it can create blockades from larger objects, unlike Cut.

User Info: joey11223

4 years ago#45
I haven't played pokemon in a while and never went into much competitive depth bar this gen so I'm not so familiar with moves and such, will need to read up. This probably won't be that great but...

1. Scyther
2. Tangela
3. Turtwig

(wow what type variety...)

Okay..steel can be infected? Fuuuu....

If I evolve a pokemon can I assume it has learnt level up moves from it's previous form? I'll be cautious and assume we can't, so no scizor for now.

So with these three...

Obviously Tangela and Turtwig are grass, we'll assume as in the intro they're good at helping me find/grow food.

Realistically Turtwig can't do much bar somehow help grow food, it's not in a position to defend me nor help with strenuous tasks, it's basically the farmer.

Scyther is going to be the main helper here. He's got HM cut, not that realistically he'd need to know how lol. He's going to use this ability to chop up small trees to get logs for fire when we need it (I have a lot of flints and butane lighters in my room, so realistically if I had to evac and had pokemon, I'd pocket them) and also to help construct a shelter when needed. He's also going to be given the TM's hyper beam and rain dance, the former is basically a way he can annihilate zombies without physical contact, though I assume it's fair in Scythers case to imagine he'd be fairly skilled at slicing a zombies head off with his scythes, the blade portion I'd imagine would not have a blood supply and thus a zombie breaking its teeth on them wouldn't infect him. Though obviously you don't want to risk him running head on into a horde, so hyper beam at large groups, spread ones he may be able to take physically.

The latter is so that we have a guaranteed source of water when not near one, Scyther can make it rain at all and thus combined with turtwig they can grow crops and we'll carry a few buckets to fill up for drinking water.

Tangela is going to do the opposite with the TM sunny day, this'll allow us to ensure that if there's an unwanted downpour or poor weather, Tangela can make it bright and sunny for us to grow food. I assume this won't allow Tangela to actually turn night into day here. If zombies can be impacted by any sort of powder he'll play a roll here too, probably not sleep powder, but logically they still have muscular which needs to move, so he'll try paralysing them if he can. As an easy way to avoid confrontation without raising any attention. This can also be used to incapacitate any dangerous groups of humans or, if it comes to it, humans we'll need to steal from, it's not a great world in the apocalypse after all. I assume we can't cheat our way out of this but...assuming it's sunny weather, would a Tangela with lead guard be immune to the "status" of being infected? I'm guessing not hehe.

Although technically weak, Turtwig can learn HM cut/strength to see if it's bulk can help us in constructing shelters.

Eh not a fantastic plan but there's only so much you can do with three basically grass type things.

User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#46

zerokid posted...
- Quagsire
- Cinccino

Congratulations! You're the first to have a team of fully evolved pokemon! Now let's see what this pair of pros can do.

Ability: Damp
- Mist
- Muddy Water
- Earthquake
- Yawn

Ability: Cute Charm
@Miracle Seed
- Hyper Voice
- Wake-up Slap
- Rock blast
- Bullet Seed

One is an area damage dealer, and the other is a one-on-one damage dealer. Strong offensive attacks coming from evolved pokemon is nothing short of powerful. I can see you clearing a 2x2 block area before needing a break.

Quagsire's offensive moves Earthquake buries and slow downs zombies, but they're still a threat that won't stop trying to climb, unless you target their heads with bullet seed. Muddy Water is more or less the same, big area damage that slows them down, both moves are to be used if surrounded by small to medium groups giving you enough time to escape away. I'm afraid I'm not following how water dirtied by mud can purifiy another body of dirty water. Now Mist, as in the previous rating, might be counter productive since we don't know if the zombies rely on eyesight to detect humans, and since we'd live in an apocalyptic world, we should always assume the worst case scenarios, in this case it would only decrease your sight and that could be fatal. Yawn is good, living in an undead world means you have to be alert to everything that moves, everywhere you go, at every time of the day and night, so it's not absurd to predict that you or your pokemon might develop insomnia by paranoia, good thing you have Yawn to keep mental sanity in check. Just be sure to have one on guard while the other two sleep.

Cinccino is a pokemon that I see with two good moves and two not so good moves, mediocre at best. But let's talk about its ability first. Cute Charm is situational, it depends on survivors, once you find some, it might be of some use and they might accept you in their group, but I'd reckon it would be 90% of your effort and attitude rather by how a pokemon looks. I think its other two abilities are the better options, Technician is good for half the moves it has and could also help you construct and maintain a base, but if you're running both Rock Blast and Bullet Seed then Skill Link becomes a MUST in the long run. Bullet Seed is an excellent attack for netting Headshots, and Rock Blast is beast as **** more so with Skill Link. On the other hand, Hyper Voice and Wake Up Slap are awful, you REALLY don't want to be surrounded by zombies, discard Hyper Voice as soon as you can, it doesn't matter if it's a ranged attack with splash damage, if it attracts more than it just killed then it's no better than having Splash. Wake Up Slap, unless he's your alarm clock you can't rely on him to wake up at the exact hour you want it to wake up, chances are he'd be just as scared of the whole zombie scenario as you are, you can't expect it to have a near perfect control over his sleeping schedule. Instead, Helping Hand and Sing would have been much better choices, Helping Hand makes a more destructive Earthquake and Water attack, Sing deals with the mental sanity, which means that now you can use another move for Quagsire's Yawn.. like.. you know.. the incredibly useful Surf, which it doesn't have! And with Surf you could then ditch Muddy water for Rain Dance for your future crops, or Strength for construction which if used with Helping Hand you'd have no problem building a near fortress.
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#47
Part 2

zerokid posted...
- Quagsire
- Cinccino

Reliable source of attacking: Check. I don't think you could have problems in this department. Just keep an eye on those PPs.

Stealth: Low. I know you said Hyper Voice would be used last, but it still burns a precious move slot.

Food: Check. Nice thinking of growing crops, leftovers could be used as emergency while waiting for the vegetables to grow.

Water: Medium. Sure you have a water type, but it uses Muddy Water, and I don't see how it's supposed to purify water.

Allies: Low. Forced to use social skills to find and detect good intentioned survivors. Cute Charm works ONLY for the pokemon itself, and even still it's not 100% effective.

Bandits: Low. Mist and Hyper Voice works, but with nothing to escape with, it's no better than suicide, a cruel, painful suicide.

Base: Medium. Rock Blast, that's about it. Buys you time to reinforce a shelter.

Escape routing: Low. Surf would've given you a Medium. Earthquake and Rock Blast might work sometimes, it's just not as reliable as Fly or Surf.

Urban Areas: Check.

Green areas: Low. Couldn't survive a night without lighting, fire, map, compass, and many other tools.

Overall Rating: 5.5 Good zombie clearer team, but that's about it. Can't really blame you for the narrow movepools. Perhaps Larvitar could have given you more options?
Battle starts here.

User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

4 years ago#48
Jack, where huv ye been Jack? I've been dead since last Thursday, you killed me!!! Where's mah broon loaf!?!?!?!?!!? - Victor, Still Game

User Info: Taiphlosion

4 years ago#49
Lanturn, Blaziken and gardevior.

I'm safe =)

Edit: Following the rules, I release chinchou and ralts to get Blaziken. So, Blaziken
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User Info: darkestarcher

4 years ago#50
Not the best of rolls but I feel like I can cover my bases here.

Spheal @ Leftovers
Thick Fat
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Blizzard
- Aurora Beam

Thick Fat selected to make Spheal resilient against the elements. Can also be used as a source of warmth in colder environments. Surf and Waterfall are useful for escaping. Surf also provides decent crowd control against large groups of zombies. Waterfall would be useful in reaching clean, drinkable water closer to the source of any streams or rivers. Blizzard is the primary damage dealer, and ice makes a great deterrent for zombies and especially other humans. For enclosed environments or to save PP there's Aurora Beam. Leftovers compliments the decent HP with some residual healing.

Shinx >(no TMs)> Luxio @ Shell Bell
- Discharge
- Roar
- Crunch
- Strength

Luxio is the primary hunter and anti-human aspect of the party, able to assist in seeking out fresh meat via wild animals and detect any upwind humans or prey via smell. Due to lack of fire on the team, any meat must be eaten as fresh as possible to avoid onset of bacteria so hunting is a constant necessity. Intimidate can be used to disarm prey or to coerce other humans if necessary. Discharge has good PP and damage, and can cripple large groups of enemies or prey via paralysis. Also useful for powering generators or other electronic devices. Roar is for scaring off human targets, though must be used sparingly for fear of attracting zombies. Crunch is similarly for bringing down living targets, not for zombie use. Strength can be used if necessary against zombies but has the added benefit of being able to break into closed off areas for scavenging or to move large barricades into place for defense. Shell Bell is selected to make maximum use of the high damage being dealt.

Tropius @ Lum Berry
- Whirlwind
- Magical Leaf
- Fly
- Synthesis

Tropius is the primary source of providing food via farming. The fruit that it grows naturally would be good for an emergency food supply, while we are assuming Harvest can be used to promote the growth of other crops. Lum Berries are good for keeping the team healthy from sickness or other effects. Whirlwind is the strongest deterrent on the team, able to blow away hordes and humans alike (albeit without killing them). Magical Leaf is selected due to being able to hit multiple targets without fail and has good PP. Fly can be used for escape or traveling if necessary, and Synthesis is for shaking off any damage. Tropius's wings can provide a natural shelter against precipitation when necessary, and it allows access to much safer camping places than would normally be available (cliffs, high trees, etc.).
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