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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Chromaxyz

4 years ago#51
Tropius, Growlithe, and Lapras. Not bad at all. I'll destroy the TMs to evolve Growlithe into Arcanine. The items will be miracle seed, charcoal, and mystic water to boost their STAB attacks.

Tropius will be primariy used as a flier and to help farm fruits and veggies, Arcanine will be my ground mount and main battler as he is fast (Extremespeed ftw) and can also use fire to keep zombies away. Cooking with campfire is easy thanks to this guard dog. Lapras is mainly for water travel and to preserve food. My main plan is to first scavenge necessary living equipments (sleeping bag, thermos, instant food, bottled water, anything that's portable) and then fly away with Tropius to an isolated mountain where we will start building our semi-permanent home. We will occasionally wander to a nearby town to pick up refugees and to find more food and luxuries, killing zombies as well to fight stress.

I'll probably survive for quite a while so long as no one we safe betrays us. But I have three fully evolved mons and they're all generally pretty tough so nothing to worry about.

Tropius: Fly, SolarBeam, Magical Leaf, Air Slash/Whirlwind (rip zombies or blow them away)
Arcanine: Flamethrower, Extremespeed, Roar, Flame Burst/Heat Wave
Lapras: Surf, Ice Beam, Mist/Safeguard, Hydro Pump

I'll generally avoid physical attacks because I'm scared of losing my mons.

User Info: Lockheart34

4 years ago#52
Lotad, Magmortar (Magby), Dunsparce

I've decided to evolve no Pokemon. Three is better than two and neither Lotad or Magby gain much from evolving.

Magby - Charcoal - The item description states this a combustible fuel. Boosts Fire type moves,

Ability - Flame Body - Any direct contact with zombies will burn them up. I would never need to make a fire, never get cold and can always heat food.

Smokescreen - Easy get away move.
Thief - I will now be able to steal items from people. Valuables such as food, drinkable water, antibiotics, PP UP's, Full Restores etc. are mine.
Confuse Ray - This is more for human enemies, I can confuse them then use a Thief attack to steal what I need without them knowing.
Flamethrower - Magby's only real attack, very effective against Zombies. Can also burn up buildings and combined with a Charcoal, I can always create an explosion with a Flamethrower.

Magby is my main survival Pokemon. Without him, I wouldn't get very far. Magby's Flame Body is terrible for stealth though. Despite never getting cold or the lack of a light, zombies will be attracted to the light source Magby's body creates. I would have to keep him in a Poke ball at night and only use him in dire situations.

Lotad - Leftovers - To keep him alive. With Rain Dish he will have a constant supply of healing. Would provide a tiny amount of food for myself as well.

Ability - Rain Dish - Any rain will heal this Pokemon.

Ice Beam - Lotad can use this to freeze up any doors creating a barrier. Combined with Magby's Thief move, I can now freeze any food and dairy like milk he steals. I can then EASILY unfreeze them with Magby's natural ability, Flame Body. Food will never go off.
Rain Dance - This is combined with Rain Dish. Lotad will always be healed.
Surf - This is my transport, but it would be slow as Lotad is only a small pokemon. Can also push away hordes of Zombies.
Natural Gift - I have to choose this move because Lotad's moveset is terrible. apart from changing Lotad's attack with different berries. I guess it could be like Hidden Power, with the right type of berry, I could shock human enemies. (Burn them with fire NG, trap them with Rock NG etc. they wouldn't see it coming.)

Lotad is a Grass pokemon so I would be able to find berries, vegetables and grow trees for a short while. Also a Water pokemon so would be able to find a water source quickly.

Dunsparce - I don't know what item to give him right now.

Ability - Run Away - Can always run away from Zombie enemies and most humans. Cannot run during Mean Look, Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, Block or the Shadow Tag I would have to be careful with this.

Pursuit - Any enemies that try and escape with my horde of items, I can hit them with this.

Dig - This is needed for my shelter.

Roost - Heals Dunsparce

Ancientpower - An attack I can create a blockage with.

The Pokedex entry suggests Dunsparce can create mazelike nests in the ground. This would be my shelter. Combined with Magby's Thief and Lotad's Ice Beam, I now have a workable home under the ground with supply of food and water away from zombies and other enemies.

It would never be dark underground with Magby's Flame Body either, making it very easy to navigate around. If anyone is clever enough to find my shelter and actually get to where I am, I can use Ancientpower to seal off my shelter, then escape with Dunsparce's Run Away ability.....and start again. Alot of running and stealth, but I would survive slightly longer.

I wouldn't be able to trust anyone though, with no Psychic pokemon. I also have to work alone and would probably gain a bad reputation for stealing everyone's items. I also can't fly so getting around would be very slow. Phew, done.
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User Info: TheLeafChild

4 years ago#53
Audino: Healer
-Heal Pulse
Item: Smoke Ball

Audino will be the support of my survival team, with Audino's hearing, threats can be detected ahead of time. Audino can also act as a lie detector,track prey, and offer diagnosis. Use of Protect allows Audino to act as a shield, Heal Pulse allows Audino to tend to everyone's health, and, I may have to replace this, Refresh, if able, can stop zombification if infected. If not, I'll replace Refresh and Healer with Grass Knot(TM) and Regenerator. Grass Knot can help us escape one or more zombies and hostiles alike and offer advantages in pursuit. Regenerator helps Audino recover quickly and easily to tend to more of its duties, when withdrawn into its ball. Surf helps us cross water, and we can put a large obstacle between us and other threats, as well as access to supplies and other boons out of normal reach.

Smoke Ball helps in escaping hairy situations.
Treecko: Overgrow
-Giga Drain
Item: Big Root

Treecko is the scout, it can scale walls and even horizontal surfaces. Treecko can easily make use of vantage points for us, as well as aid us with its innate ability to predict the weather. The weather allows us to plan our movements and gathering abilities. Detect can add to our situational awareness, foiling ambushes and what not. Treecko can act as the muscle if need be, with Slam and Cut. Cut is also a useful utility for gathering supplies and fashioning tools. With Big Root and Giga Drain, Treecko can be self sufficient in tending to its own health as long as there are targets about. If Audino doesn't get Grass Knot, I'd replace Slam with Bullet Seed, so Treecko has covering fire capability from vantage points, and offers distraction tactics. As a grass type, cultivating and foraging food is easier.

Magnemite: Sturdy
-Magnet Bomb
-Magnet Rise
-Zap Cannon
Item: Wide Lens

Magnemite offers long range support, with precision and area attacks. Magnet Rise allows it to gain vantage points over its targets and offers high vantage reconnaissance along with Treecko. With Thundershock, targets can be eliminated or impeded within a wide area, and may cause area effects and fires. Magnet Bomb is a reliable means of area of effect damage, useful for traps, shock tactics, and taking out zombie hordes. Magnemite can tag a zombie from far away with a Magnet Bomb, and detonate it when it, say, wanders into the middle of a crowd. It can also be used for leverage, if say some bandits held me up, Magnemite could tag them with Magnet Bombs, and I would tell them if they do not let me go, they'll be detonated. Zap Cannon is a high powered part of our arsenal if we're in a pinch, however, I'm not gonna count on its accuracy. Wide Lens will try to mitigate Zap Canon's low accuracy. Magnemite has an innate ability of sensing electrical activity, it can act as a compass of sorts towards civilization, and can detect if anyone is using their electronics. Finding electric plants, radios, and other sources of power is helpful in many ways. Plants can offer shelter, they are large, dangerous, and easily defensible structures, while also supplying our need for electricity. Radios and radio equipment is necessary in communications, and intel. Sources of power like batteries, while useful on their own, can also point out where tools may be, things such as powertools, fridges that may have food still in them, and domestic power sources like homes with usable power. Magnemite itself can act as a powersource.
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User Info: TheLeafChild

4 years ago#54
Overall, we may be able to just stick it out by keeping to an easily defensible spot surrounded by deep water, and forage and grow our supplies. However, having the capability to move safely, and defend ourselves on the move is not a discipline that is lost on us. Ideally, we as a unit would work best with other trainer allies with their own teams.
"Yin and Yang are not good and evil. Their unity is good, their struggle is evil"

User Info: Solarys

4 years ago#55
Got some terrible rolls here...

1. Duskull
2. Seviper
3. Absol

Well, I won't evolve anything here, since 2 of the 3 can't evolve, and evolving Duskull will do more harm than good (Dusclops loses the ability to pass through walls)...
Also, with this kind of team, I'll have to be a stealthy rogue and resort to hunting, scavenging, and possibly stealing.

Duskull {Levitate}
Item: Charcoal
- Will o' Wisp
- Disable
- Foresight
- Shadow Sneak

Duskull is the scout, since he is a ghost and can pass through walls.
WoW can act as a signal flare and provide light (to some extent); it can also start a fire with the help of Charcoal.
Disable is his only reliable form of self defense, and it works well against single enemies - humans, Pokémon, or zombies.
I'll pretend that Foresight allows him to see through walls and obstacles.
Shadow Sneak is for sneaking past enemies undetected, and escaping.

Seviper {Shed Skin}
Item: Nothing
- [TM] Thief
- [HM] Rock Smash (if old HMs are allowed) / Strength (if not)
- Wrap
- Night Slash

Seviper is the hunter and thief.
The Shed Skin ability allows him to heal himself of ailments, and this is more useful than Infiltrator because he is a snake, hence naturally stealthy.
Thief is self-explanatory - for stealing supplies.
Rock Smash (or Strength) is for creating barricades and temporary shelter.
Wrap is a silent move for hunting, and offense/defense against other humans/Pokémon.
Night Slash is a stealthy attack for killing prey. Note I chose it over Poison Tail/Fang because we wouldn't want our food to be contaminated with poison.

Absol {Pressure}
Item: Safety Goggles
- [TM] Hail
- [TM] Blizzard
- Psycho Cut
- Razor Wind

Absol is a tricky one. He has to perform multiple roles due to the subpar types I'm stuck with.
Firstly, he has the innate ability to sense disasters, and he will be able to warn us of any natural disaster, or a horde of zombies, is on the way, so Future Sight is redundant.
As for his ability, Justified is obviously useless, but I don't know how Pressure and Super Luck will function in "real life" situations. I picked Pressure since I'd just assume that it mentally "suppresses" enemies and hence make them less willing to attack (makes sense considering most legendary Pokémon have it).
I gave him Hail over Rain Dance for a few reasons. First, it will definitely slow down zombies more than it does me; second, it's much easier to get a fire going in hail than the rain; third, melted hailstones provide cleaner drinking water, especially since I have no Water-types; and lastly, lower temperature means food will keep fresh for longer. (Safety Goggles is for me, provided that I don't need to keep him "on the field" to keep the hail going. Plus, it's imperative that I take good care of my eyes in such situations.)
Blizzard is more of a last-resort move to effectively clear out large groups of enemies; the ability to freeze is a nice bonus.
The next move is for cutting down trees, doors, and other obstacles, as well as defending against a small number of enemies. Psycho Cut beats Cut and (Night) Slash simply because it does not make physical contact, and can destroy enemies and objects from a range.
Finally, Razor Wind is for escaping. The attack activates after a whirlwind has been created, which can act as cover, and buy valuable time for our escape.

So there we have it!
The biggest strength of my team is stealth, and the ability to escape disasters before they strike. However, our biggest weakness is the complete lack of a sustainable food source, hence we are forced to survive solely as predators/consumers, rather than producers, so nature and luck play a much bigger role in determining our survival.

PS: Nice game BTW - interesting concept!
"Teamwork is essential, it gives them other people to shoot at."

User Info: TerribleLuck

4 years ago#56
Goomy (Nickname: Gooby)
Goomy (Nickname: Gobby)
Goomy (Nickname: Goff)


Tackle, Bubble.

User Info: Blingya25

4 years ago#57
Leafy101 posted...
Ampharos gets ampharodite (I think that's what it's called), Manaphy gets Poke Flute; it can calm down zombies, but sometimes the situation does not allow me to play(swarmed, running, etc.)

... Lol. I just read that part as "Ampharos gets a hermaphrodite."

xD Lol
That's how goddamminity damn good that god damn game is. - AC (GCN)

User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 years ago#58

I'm royally ******.

Sacrifice Amoongus to evolve Shieldon.
Hope for the best.

There, that's my plan.
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User Info: Lexar93

4 years ago#59

Grimer likes filth.. so I guess he can help detect Zombies from afar..
I can teach him Protect so he should be able to hold for defenses..
along with Harden, Acid Armor for more tanking and Sludge Bomb so he can attack back a little..

he can help gather supplies/foods as well as cook them..
he can also learn Grass Knot so I can set up traps so I can camp safely at night..

I'm not sure what he will be good for.. .-.

Scouting I guess?
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User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#60
Dragrath posted...
- Teleport
- Grass Knot
- Psychic
- Heal Pulse

- Flamethrower
- Ice Fang
- Rain Dance
- Thunder Fang

And now we have Kirlia and Snubull. You rolled a key pokemon with Kirlia, with her around you automatically get to detect survivor's intentions which lets you know whether to trust them or not. Snubull's Run Away is a big plus too.

- Teleport
- Grass Knot
- Psychic
- Heal Pulse

Teleport is always great and second only to Fly in terms of escaping, there was no way you could overlook this move. Grass Knot as you said can trip zombies, but I see more use in it as a means for reinforcing barricades, and if it comes with added thorns to act as spikes you can also use it to set fences around the perimeter of a base. Psychic is always good for everything. Heal pulse is great for long term survival. Overall this poke is shines the best as a utility resource, though a bit lacking in the offensive department, but you can't have a perfect pokemon.

- Flamethrower
- Ice Fang
- Rain Dance
- Thunder Fang

Flamethrower is Psychic's twin brother in the zombie survival case. Perfect ranged attacks that excel at versatility in both in the offensive department and the survival scenario. Ice Fang for preservation, Thunder Fang for powering up electronic devices, good attacks but ineffective against zombies, though they can have some use against hostile survivors. Rain Dance for water sourcing, but as said before you're forced to find a way to purify it in order to drink. I see no use in Damp Rock, if anything a long lastin rains my even be counter productive, you can always set Rain dance again if you need to, so switch Damp rock for anything else

Both are great survival pokemon. The only problem I see is the combined PP of 20 single attacks. Once you run out you're forced to escape, luckily you have Teleport to do that no problem. Still, clearing the first blocks of your base might take days.

Reliable source of attacking: Low

Stealth: Check. Teleport

Food: Medium. Leftovers, Ice Fang.

Water: Medium. Rain Dance, still need to find a way for purification.

Allies: Check. Kirlia

Bandits: Check. Kirlia, fangs

Base: Check: Grass Knot for reinforcing and fence building, Psychic for heavy work, Thunder fang for appliances.

Escape Routing: Check. Run Away and Teleport

Urban Areas: Medium. Would have been check if you had a higher combined PP for attacks

Green Areas: Check. The only thing lacking would be for a solid way of building a small shelter. Psychic can build something out of whatever useful you might find in the nearby area.

Overall Rating: 8.2

A decent and balanced Team. A bit lacking offensively
Battle starts here.
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