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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Gilberto

4 years ago#61
RagdollJay posted...
Snivy, Overgrow, Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade
Leech seed

Sableye, Keen Eye, Smoke Ball
Shadow Sneak

Cubchoo, Snow Cloak, NevermeltIce
Icy Wind
Powder Snow
™Rain Dance

Snivy, Sableye, and Cubchoo make a great team. Each one of them specializing in one area but and at the same time able to deal with zombies. Snivy's Leaf Blade is a decent attack for close combat encounters. Growth is good for the reason you provided. Now this is a creative way of using Leech Seed, I'm not 100% sure it can be used for water purification, but if it works, you are guaranteed a steady source of drinkable water with that and Rain Dance. I'm not sure about Substitute, if it's just a doll then it would be ineffective against zombies since they're only attracted to live beings, you might as well throw a rock to call their attention toward a particular spot, could of some use against survivors though.

Sableye's moves are all pretty much straight forward for the reasons you mentioned.

Cubchoo is great for food preservation, and water sourcing. Icy Wind and Powder Snow can slow zombies but you still need to go ahead and terminate them IF needed. Charm is more like a plus move, as I said before a pokemon can only influence other survivors to a certain degree, their trust depends mostly on you and your actions and attitude.

Reliable source of attacking: Check.Leaf blade, Shadow Sneak, ice attacks mostly for slowing down

Stealth: Check. Smoke Ball, Shadow Sneak, Substitute.. maybe even Foresight.

Food: Check. Overgrowth, Growth, Miracle Seed.

Water: Check. Incredible how you can have water in check with only Leech seed and Rain Dance.

Allies: Check. Detect, Foresight, and Charm.. sometimes

Bandits: Check. Detect, Foresight

Base: Low. Forced to find tools and finding an adequate base and reinforcing it. Leaf Blade can help you cut wood. You and your pokemon are a total of four individuals which is good for organized work.

Escape Routing: Check. Dig, Smoke Ball

Urban areas: Check.

Green Areas: Low. Before setting foot outside the urban limits you first need a map, compass, firemaking tools, lighting tools, and means for quick shelter administration.

Overall Rating: 8.7

The highest rated team so far. And yet, you could have improved so much with some other moves. Great Job!
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User Info: Deoxys_Prime

4 years ago#62
Pokemon 1: Cottonee
Pokemon 2: Duosion (Sacrifice 3 TMs)
Pokemon 3: Mareep

Survival Plan:
It seems that I'll have to play it safe with a team like this. The fully evolved versions of everything on my team isn't really worth sacrificing any of my 'mons for. So I'll simply rely on the utility of having all three in my party.

The general plan of the team is to use a defensive strategy. I have no HM abilities and no escape with three low evolution Pokemon that don't have much killing power. I will have to rely on their utility skills and avoid combat if at all possible.

The first priority is establishing a base of operations. Mareep provides electrical power and that increases my survival rate. Duosion has access to Future Sight and may be able to tell me if the zombies have found my hiding place, making holing up a safer strategy than it would be otherwise. Cottonee helps with foraging for edible food and I should be able to decide on a good time to go looking for food with the help of Duosion. My biggest challenge will be finding and keeping a source of fresh water because there is probably no running water anywhere and I don't have any Pokemon with a particular skill for finding water. Their movesets are suitable for self defense and slowing large numbers of zombies down. The killing power is low, but they should be able to handle zombies in small numbers.

Cottonee @ Bright Powder
Ability: Prankster
Stun Spore - Slow enemies
Cotton Spore - Slow enemies further, cotton fibers for warmth
Leech Seed - I assume Leech Seed can grow some kind of plant that may be edible? If not it provides restoration for Cottonee
Energy Ball - Killing move

Duosion @ Light Clay
Ability: Regenerator
Future Sight - I'm assuming this includes some level of actual clairvoyance, which will be useful even if it's very weak
Reflect - Helps protect everyone
Recover - Prevents wounds on itself
Psychic - Killing move

Mareep @ Smoke Ball
Ability: Static
Cotton Spore - Slow enemies, also provides cotton fibers for warmth if the temperature drops
Cotton Guard - Self defense
Electro Ball - Killing move (more reliable than Thunder, zombies may be slow and receive bonus damage)
Confuse Ray - Hopefully zombies can become confused
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User Info: ThunderRush

4 years ago#63
Solrock, Arcanine and Seedot

-creates intense heat, and also light when it spins; good for signaling others, good for distracting or attracting zombies attention to something they cant reach cuz it floats :p
-a psychic type... meaning all its perks... mind reading, levitating, teleporting or manipulating obects are given
-solid as a ROCK; Rocky Helmet; already hard as a rock, damages zombies
-powerful during the daytime as it absorbs light... basically doesnt need food

-Confusion or Psychic work both similarly, to remove or place obstacles for the base or escaping respectively, and can be used to clear zombies when surrounded
-Solarbeam is a powerful move; long distance as well so good for some long range surprises from up above. Since Seedot provides the sun, almost instantaneous 120 BP Grass move.
-Fire Spin for some trapping; also used to create blockades of sorts, powers up Arcanine via Flash Fire
-Rock Slide for some pwning as well. Can be used to create blockades also.

-Grass type, can help for provisions and shelter making
-Chlorophyll and Early Bird are both useful, but I'll stick with Chloro as it amps its battling prowess a bit
-holds either a Heat Rock or my Leftovers (provisions)
-no real combat prowess, more of a supporter in combat and useful for general survival, also a self sustaining unit

-Synthesis! ; healer, also self sustaining as it sucks up moisture and can get nutrients from nearby trees if any
-Sunny Day; to turn nasty weather that hampers solrocks and arcanine's fighting power into one that greatly amplifies them
-Nature Power! (dependent on terrain but has amazing potential; Tri Attack is powerful enough and is used in building and plain terrains; Earthquake on Sand ( I doubt this'll be used much), Rock Slide in Caves, Seed Bomb in Forests and Grass (STAB in greenery areas), In water Hydro Pump and Mud Bomb in Puddles, and lastly Ice Beam in snowy terrains)
-Explosion (in cases wherein Solrock and Arcanine are knocked out; last resort move to take out enemies and open a path, sorry Seedot =( )

-becomes Arcanine (give up TMs)
-Intimidate or Flash Fire; zombies dont get intimidated and my attacks are already intidating enough to someone with a functioning brain.. so Flash Fire.
-Has good synergy with Seedot and Solrock. Sunny Day from Seedot, STAB, Flash Fire activation via Fire Spin from Solrock = gg
-agile pokemon, can carry me and others, 6200 miles in 24 hours baby
-can carry food in its mane too.
-can be used for hunting and cooking as well
-main combatant; Speedy and Powerful
-can be used to treat with other humans; fairly or unfairly when the situation arises. Can detect hostility or sincerity, since its a dog.
-dog, good sense of hearing and smell
-Flame Burst for long range firing
-Flare Blitz/Flame Wheel for dashing through zombies whilst damaging them heavily
-Thunder Fang (mostly for survival/electricity, not for combat)
-Helping Hand, to assist Solrock in long range sniping when I dont want to get close or noticed.
-Shell Bell, healing whilst battling
-Fire type dog, and all the perks with it

Part 1

User Info: ThunderRush

4 years ago#64
Part 2 of Solrock, Arcanine and Seedot

>Night Watchers can be either 4 of us; Solrock I believe doesnt even sleep at all, only conserves energy at night, Arcanine is literally a dog so yeah...
>For Stealth/Sneaking, obviously the psychic type perks helps, the speed and dog senses help, and Seedot can be mistaken for an inaminate object and can be used for reconaissance
>Food will be handled by 3 of us, Arcanine and me will bring in the meat, and Seedot for berries and such. Solrock can just chill
>We still need the water supply tho
>Base Blockades will be handled by me and Solrock with either Rock Slide or psychic moves
>Last resorts when cornered are Explosion by Seedot, Levitating or any other "Psychiching" with Solrock, and escaping with speed and force from Arcanine
>Basically, I want to avoid as much combat as possible (especially at night when Seedot's Chlorophyll and Sunny Day cant help much). If I have to, my most preferred style would be Long Range moves and sniping, with Seedot acting as the cleric. Otherwise, Solrock and Arcanine can take it up close. Solrock can even float as far away from our location and possible, destroying or distracting the enemies. It cant be hurt anyway since it floats.

Anything I missed? Besides the water, I mean

User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#65
Liepard will distract, Elekid would confuse, and Onix would be my ride to the ocean!
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User Info: bskiffington

4 years ago#66

Ditch Hoppip, evolve Spearow into Fearow.

->Wing Attack
->Aerial Ace
ITEM: Leftovers
ABILITY: Keen Eye, Sniper (Hidden)

Fearow can fly us out of danger and can use Gust to blow zombies away. Wing Attack and Aerial Ace provide attacking options in which he can quickly swoop down and tak ethem out, then get back to the sky safely. It's abilities further increase it's ability to hit it's targets effectively and in critical spots for easy kills. Fearow can be good for gathering food as well and having Leftovers as his item means we'll always have some sort of food on hand.

->Water Gun
ITEM: Twisted Spoon
ABILITY: Swift Swim

Psyduck can provide fresh water but his psychic abilities will be the biggest asset. He can use his psychic abilities to move things safely from a distance, allowing us to pick up supplies without going into dangerous areas. Psybeam is a powerful attacking move and Hypnosis can be useful on other humans who may get in the way or cause trouble. Twisted Spoon further increases his psychic abilities. Swift Swim will double his speed when its raining which would help for recons sometimes. I'd imagine as the ability says it would make him a fast swimmer as well which could come in handy.

With these two, I feel confident. Food and water should be easy to find and Fearow can easily fly us out of danger. We can live somewhere remote thanks to the ability to fly, maybe high up where we won't be bothered. If we get in trouble, we can leave, and Psyduck will be able to hypnotize other humans, allowing us to get out of situations with them as well as possibly steal their supplies. My favorite part is being able to use psychic to bring things to us. There's some food in a car but it's surrounded by zombies? No problem, Psyduck can use his powers to bring it over to us!

User Info: sharazisspecial

4 years ago#67
Metapod wurmple and mime jr

delete wurmple to evolve mime jr into mr.mime

Ability: Run away
String shot
Bug Bite

Mr Mime
Ability: Technician
Rain dance

Caterpie and mine can use string shot/barrier to make barricades . Mr mime can use recycle on food. He can also use thunder bolt to charge a generator. Caterpie can trap zombies in cacoons. Caterpie can also runaway from any zombie with its ability.

Food: i will have to find some fruit. Which can be recycled by mr mime.
Water:I can have mr mime use rain dance. I can eat the recycled fruit
Shelter: hopefully a abandoned house. Caterpie can make silk. Like i said i can have my two pokemon make baracades

Defeating attacking zombies. I can trap them with string shot. Then mr mime can rain dance >thunder them..

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User Info: pokemonzero

4 years ago#68
My three are Tropius, Absol, and Skarmory

Lets see
Skarmory for Flying
Absol for power(MegaAbsol)
Tropius for Food(Fruit grow on it)
Too lazy and tired to do anymore for now. I might finish it tomorrow
With all these Hoenn Pokemon getting Megaevolutions
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User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#69
Ralts, Slowpoke, and Riolu?

Delete Slowpoke and burn TMs to evolve Ralts to Gardevoir.

Give Gardevoirite to Gardevoir, give Leftovers to Riolu (emergency food if ever needed)

Dex Entries (Abilities):

-Gardevoir's 4th gen pokedex entries say that it can see into the future, allowing us to see if there are any mistakes we can possibly make and try to avoid them.
-Gardevoir ALSO will protect its trainer at all costs, even being able to create small black holes.
-Riolu can use Aura to communicate with others.
-Riolu's aura will intensify to let others know if it is afraid or sad (able to alert us to any incoming zombies or bandits, etc.)

Ingame Abilities:

-Gardevoir has Trace.
-Riolu has Inner Focus.


-Gardevoir learns Psychic, Calm Mind, Moonblast, and Shadow Ball.
-Riolu learns Force Palm, Quick Attack, Reversal, and Copycat.

Gardevoir's more of a silent, ranged killer, being able to use ranged quiet attacks so that she won't attract more zombies and will be able to be cautious. Riolu will be putting himself into more danger but he's fast and small, a hard target for zombies to bite.
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User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#70
Might I suggest that poison types also cannot be infected? I know that poison and a virus aren't exactly the same thing, but poison types strike me as beings that should have at least some immunity.

That being said...I hit the freaking jackpot.


Yeah, don't need to evolve any of them.

Litwick is a ghost/fire type, which means not only is it uninfectable, but it is also a fantastic attacker, plus a great source of fire and light. I give it Flame Body, which means that not only is it uninfectable, but if a zombie DOES get close enough, it risks hurting itself too. I give him leftovers, in order to enhance his survivability as well.

For moves, he gets Flame Burst (Better than Flamethrower against hordes because it can hit many zombies at once), Flash (Incase he gets overwhelmed, this can facilitate a quick retreat, and can also be used to signal to others), Thief (attacking is not necessarily the only thing Litwick can do, and this can help in a pinch if supplies are needed), and Flame Charge (another attack, which also helps Litwick to compensate for it's low speed, which can aid in running and avoiding, not to mention crowd control).

Lapras is a water AND an ice type, so water finding AND food preservation. It's powerful, especially on the water, and is big enough that I can actually spend a decent bit if time in the water if need be. I'd give it a Lum Berry, JUST IN CASE, but Hydration would help it recover from infection so long as we were near water.

As for moves? Surf, of course. That's sort of the point. Dive could also help me find fish, which Litwick would then help me cook. Question? You say Water Pokemon cannot generate drinking water, but what about Rain Dance? That is literally changing the weather, and could make for easily accessible water wherever you are. If that'll work, then Rain Dance as my third move, if not than Echoed Voice, which if I could see the zombies and they didn't know I was there yet, could make for a good diversion. Last move is Blizzard. It's powerful, will hit multiple zombies at once, and can even provide cover for an escape if necessary.

And then there's Chansey. My creme de la creme. My MVP. Oh yes...Chansey is what will really save me in the end. Magically generates eggs with healing properties? I call that a reliable source of food AND medicine. A natural born Nurse. Do I need a hold item? No, but I'll take an eviolite anyways, just to be on the safe side. Natural Cure keeps Chansey itself from succumbing to infection.

Softboiled, of course. Food galore. Heal pulse as well, because injuries are to be expected. Sing, which is probably an underrated attack, but one must remember that a zombie apocalypse would be psychologically taxing and chronic insomnia is to be expected. Chaney can help keep me energized and same with this. Wish I could do heal bell, but that's an egg move. Thunderbolt will be a nice "just in case" backup instead.
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