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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Un0rthad0Xx

3 years ago#81
1) happiny
2) chinchou
3) tropius

my possibilities are endless. i think ill survive the apocalypse ;)


always stick together. battle as little as necessary. flying away on tropius is no issue

TROPIUS: with stregnth and cut, tropius will help me forage supplies, build a house, build furnishings, build traps and well, build anything really. we will build a home hidden in the mountains to remain safe from zombies and hostile survivors.

with sunny day and harvest, we will build a giant farm with an endless yield of crops. if by some divine miracle all my crops die, ill eat the bananas growing on his chin :p


chinchou will get me fresh water thanks to scald boiling the water, thus making it safe to drink. depending on the food, he can cook with scald as well

he shall smite water type pokemon with thunderbolt/ thunder for an endless supply of tasty magikarp to snack on ;)

chinchou will also power the house and household appliances such as the fridge and stove. at least until i build a generator with tropius's foraged supplies.

chinchou will also know surf for a speedy water getaway if tropius cant fly for some reason. and rain dance will help get crops watered, as well as shock wet zombies even harder


happiny will heal and cure/ prevent infection as necesary with softboiled, aromatherapy, wish, heal bell, safeguard, healer ability, etc

could use thunder wave for defense

could use flamethrower for fires

no human interaction is needed. but if necessary, i can provide healing services, shelter, and food for needed cash and items/ materials, as well as to recruit protection from others

I believe im all set. anyone care to join my survival clan?
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User Info: Claw1tzer

3 years ago#82
Litwick, Deino, Sandshrew

Not Burning anything to evolve.

Stealth, hit and run.


Item: Leftovers, just temporary until we find food

Sandshrew will be used to get the team underground, and will be our main source of Offense.

Dig will be used to get us underground, dig out paths underground, and to escape from situations we can't handle.

Sand Tomb
Sand Tomb will be used to trap zombies, do damage to them, and is another way to get away.

Rapid Spin
Rapid spin will be used to spin around rapidly to get zombies away.

Gyro Ball
Gyro ball does more damage the slower the enemy, and zombies are slow right?


Item: Smoke Ball, for a guaranteed escape.

Litwick will be used as a light source, Since Sandshrew knows dig and we will be underground a lot.

Ability: Flame Body, so zombies might get burned when they attack.

Smog will be used to blind zombies in quick situations and run.

Can be used to light fires, cook food, and burn zombies.

Will be used to make Litwick smaller, to confuse zombies, and to see into small spaces.

Confuse Ray
Confuse Ray will be used to confuse the zombies into doing Litwicks bidding (mostly having the zombies kill eachother).


Item: Full Restore, for emergencies.

Deino will be used as a source of water and electricity, and has methods of escaping from zombies.

Ability: Hustle, damage done is higher, but he is more likely to miss the zombies (wouldn't have chosen it, it's his only ability).

Rain Dance (TM)
Will be used as a water source.

Thunder Wave (TM)
Electricity source, paralyze zombies.

Used to scare zombies away, another method of escaping.

Dragon Rush
Used to attack zombies in emergency situations, can also make zombies flinch.

This was fun to make, nice idea!
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User Info: Kibalnuzuka

3 years ago#84
Pichu, Mudkip, Roggenrola.

Get rid of Pichu and Roggenrola to evolve Swampert, teach Swampert Surf, Earthquake, Hammer Arm and Rain Dance.

If I need water, I have Swampert just use Rain Dance to make it rain. :)
Earthquake is there in case of being surrounded by zambies.
Hammer Arm to smack the **** out of zambies, and knock down trees.
Surf so that I can ride on Swampert's back and zambies can't swim.
Swampert gathers edible seafood
Held item is Heat Rock so that we can make a fire. :P For firewood I'll have swampert knock down some trees haha
There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point. - Kenji

User Info: BabyQuail

3 years ago#85
Aggron (Aron)

Probably just keep and evolve Aron into Aggron?
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User Info: ssbmchamp109

3 years ago#86

Not bad. :D
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User Info: Flame552

3 years ago#87

That's actually pretty good.

I have access to electricity with Luxray, and Whimsicott apparently rides whirlwinds and can slip through any cracks in walls. It also sheds cotton, so I'll have warm clothes in everyone in the winter months.

Solosis is actually incredible. It's protective covering means it can easily live in just about any condition, it can fly and talk to me through telekinesis, and can just make the zombies leave us alone.

I essentially find a place to make my stronghold, and utilizing these three I can turn it into a safe haven / fortress.

User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#88
1. Gabite
2. Quilava
3. Milotic

This is actually a pretty great team.

Gabite would be the main offensive guy, killing off zombies who pass Quilava's flame barrier.

Quilava is also a good guy at sniffing things out, supplies which could come in handy.

Milotic is perfect recovery. She can also supply Water.
Rotom: 3308-5985-4794


3 years ago#89
I'll give it a try Lunatone, Corsola, and Sentret. I can live with this, Lunatone can use it's psychic and rock abilities to help fortify a shelter, Corsola can use Surf for quick water escapes, and Sentret can probably find supplies quite easily.

User Info: plaxy

3 years ago#90
Charmander (Charmeleon)
Shroomish. (Breloom)

Lets see here think I will sack Shroomish for Charmeleon, then sack my TMs for Charizard

Charizard (ability Blaze)
Held Item Charizardite Y (ability Drought)
-Fly - Escape Plan
-Flameburst - Primary Combat manuever
-Strength (HM) Utility of moveing large objects for baricades and creating shelter
-Cut (HM) Utility for Cutting down things and utility useful ness.

Tropius. (Ability Harvest)
Held Item - Leppa Berry(primary other various Berries to Cure ailments when need.)
- Synthesis - Maybe this will be usefull Tropius will survive...
- Bestow - Making Friends, and stockpiling Berries Staying fed and healthy.
- Solar Beam - Nice Beakon use, also Primary Combat Manuever
- Fly

Survival Plan, I'm taking to the sky's with them team. I'll use my areal Advantage to Locate suitable Water sources. and hasty retreats, In the event of dire need and situation I have a strong team to hold off any hoards that might show up and will show up Mega up Charizard will ignite the sky Bright and the area dry Making his Primary attack Extreamly effective for croud controll, Tropius will blast away with Solar Beam, with Droughts Sunny Day effect becomes Becomes an every round Powerhouse.

Charizard with Strength and Cut, will become my workhourse when Needing to build Shelter or moving a big rock to block off and empty cave when a good nights rest is needed.

Charizards Blaze ability assures I have heat expecially during the winter times. and also a way to cook and sterilize by boiling found water.

With Strong threatening appearence Pokemon Charizard with powerfull moves to back it up. I can protect myself from Ne'er dogoods while also helping out those in Need and Friends with Tropius's Bestow and Harvest abilities.
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