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what to do after the elite 4?

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User Info: GrindRaXcess

4 years ago#1
what lese is there to do after you beat the elite 4?
i heard that you can complete the game very fast so now the question is if the game is worth it.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

4 years ago#2
help recreate the metagame

User Info: b619poke

4 years ago#3
I THINK you can catch Mewtwo in the post game..... like I said THINK doesn't mean im positive.

User Info: spnccarman

4 years ago#4
you dont complete it fast lol

User Info: Tankanko

4 years ago#5
You can catch Mewtwo - easy
You can start a side mission in the eiffel tower city - haven't completed
You can catch this games "roaming legendary" - not going to spoil that, commpleted.
You can catch a secret pokemon inside a cave before the ice gym leader - completed

Other than that you can do the battle mantion thing.

User Info: Zero97

4 years ago#6
the side mission is the best post game content in a pokemon game

hope to see more like it
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