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User Info: HarleyDaMan

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know where exactly I can find the Aggronite?

User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#2
Cyllage Gym.

User Info: HarleyDaMan

4 years ago#3
I've been looking in there, but I can't find it

User Info: HarleyDaMan

4 years ago#4
anyone know where exactly in the gym I can find it?

User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#5
IIRC Aggronite is only found in Y while Tyranitarite is only found in X, but the complimenting pokemon are found in the opposite version. So X users can find aggron they just can't find the stone and the same goes true for Y users and Tyranitar.
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User Info: HarleyDaMan

4 years ago#6
I know, that's why I'm looking for the stone, so I can trade it for it's counterpart in X, I want to be able to mega-evolve my Tyranitar

User Info: Gigaeel

4 years ago#7
If you still haven't found it, you need to do a few things in post game until your mega ring gets upgraded. Then, from 8pm-9pm, the stone appears in Cyllage Gym
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