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He hath spoken! (Pokegen/Pokecheck related)

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User Info: luigisp

3 years ago#1
bond617 posted...
first of all, the hackers that actually work on this stuff hate the pokemon community with good reason. pokemon x and y are not a milestone for anything.

second, as one of the pokecheck admins, if there's a gts exploit, we'll be using it for pokecheck and anyone else can figure it out themselves. xfr and i are working on it. i won't speak to when something will happen, but we'll find a way.

and third, as the current maintainer of pokegen, there's no current means of editing saves. that doesn't mean there won't be tomorrow or next week. and everyone can be assured that as soon as i or someone else finds a way, pokegen will be updated. codr's post was to prevent a million questions about when support will come.

and there's one flashcart out already that runs on firmware up to 4.5 and lets you swap NANDs already. they're even working on updating it for 6.0 and beyond.

and finally, the person who posted the thread left out part of the quote:
As everyone should know by now, the new games are currently unable to be modified in terms of codes/save files. It seems that it'll be quite a while before this becomes possible, assuming anyone ever succeeds at solving the problem.

I'm no longer maintaining PokeGen as is, and certainly won't be updating it should modification of the games become possible. Bond697/Mat may choose to do this if that time comes. Let this be your definitive answer to the possibility of an update for X/Y.

pokegen still has an owner, no one quit, and it's still being actively maintained. it will also still be updated with gen 4 and 5 stuff for now.

User Info: RoyalDroneX

3 years ago#2
*takes quote with a grain of salt*

they said that with D3, and yet where's the cracked private servers they promised?
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