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Official - I want starter Ditto and/or Starter pokes thread

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User Info: I_Jest

3 years ago#21
I would absolutely love a Ditto. I'm just at the Battle Chateau, so I doubt I have anything worth trading for, but I'll pay it forward with starter eggs once I start breeding.
Friend code: 3995-7331-8511

User Info: zeroakuma

3 years ago#22
i need a ditto
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User Info: akaKLeo

3 years ago#23
I got a Ditto!!!!!! I'm going to start breeding Fennekin and Charmander. If anyone wants an egg let know and add me. My FC is in my sig and I'll add you.
PSN: aKaKLeo
3DS FC: 0473 9058 1663

User Info: lanmanna

3 years ago#24
I need a Ditto please.

User Info: Darth_Umbrus

3 years ago#25
I too need a ditto. Can breed all Kalos starters plus Charmanders and Speed Boost Torchics once I get said Ditto. FC is in sig
Xbox 360 Gamertag: Darth Umbrus | PSN ID: Darth_Umbrus
3DS FC: 3866-9112-4804 | Black: 3482-8627-5865 | Black 2: 0090-0267-1178

User Info: Zenelly

3 years ago#26
I need a Ditto too, got a female froakie to breed. FC in sig
3ds friend code: 3050-7719-8122
Currenlty playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf

User Info: xcaliblur

3 years ago#27
I need a ditto please. Can't breed starters without them
3ds FC: 4742-5981-6792

User Info: xVSaNx

3 years ago#28
I really need a ditto please! I haven't caught any females yet
3DS Friend Code: 1349 - 5702 - 5957

User Info: Rebellion_12

3 years ago#29
i need a Ditto Please

fc 2793-0927-1048

User Info: Serayn

3 years ago#30
I'd love a Ditto or any of the starters but I dont have much I can trade for just yet but I will if I get any of those :D 0361-6729-9045
GT: Sereyn
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