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How's your party looking?

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User Info: MaruKazeryu

3 years ago#1
Currently at Route 10, haven't challenged the gym yet

Marisa (Braixen, 33, female)
Little Foot (Amaura, 26, male)
Nitori (Wartortle, 30, female)
Nazrin (Pikachu, 29, female)
Daiyousei (Eevee/Sylveon to be, 19, female)
El Fuerte (Hawlucha, 21, male)

Any Pokemon in particular I should keep an eye out for?

User Info: scuura

3 years ago#2
Playing a bit too much Touhou lately?
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User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#3
Braixen, Honedge, Pikachu, Ivysaur, Pancham, Nincada (just trying to level him to 20 so I can get a Ninjask, probably replace with Tyrunt) all somewhere between 15 and 23. Not bad, though I'd like to ditch Pikachu for a dual type.
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User Info: Blaze_of_Orange

3 years ago#4
Mittens (Espurr Lv. 21)
Mac (Pancham Lv.21)
Chewy (Quilladin Lv. 22)
Ham (Fletchinder Lv. 21)
Jack (Amaura Lv. 20)

I just got to the town with the second Gym in it.
4 8 15 16 23 42

User Info: GlassCobra15

3 years ago#5
Just hit Reflection Cave.

Lv 29 Quilladin, male
Lv 29 Fletchinder, male
Lv 29 Wartortle, male
Lv 29 Pancham, female
Lv 29 Honedge, male
Lv 29 Tyrunt, male
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User Info: xGummiBearsx

3 years ago#6
Same place as you.

Sylveon, lvl 22.
Vaporeon, lvl 21.
Jolteon, lvl 17.
Pikachu, lvl 32.
Charmeleon, lvl 33.

And probably gonna put another Eeveelution is the 6th spot. c__c''

User Info: aerisly

3 years ago#7

all level 35-7 or so. Just beat the 4th gym.

User Info: MettanAtem

3 years ago#8
What a party's got a Touhou theme for the names.

Pyonta the Greninja, male, Lv. 61 (yes, I named it after Suwako's hat and not Suwako herself)
Mokou the Talonflame, female, Lv. 61
Tewi the Azumarill, female, Lv. 65
Minoriko the Venusaur, male, Lv. 60 (ironically I gave "Shizuha" to a Pumpkaboo)
Youmu the Aegislash, female, Lv. 61 (no way I could resist this one)
Satori the Meowstic, male, Lv. 60

And right now I'm raiding the Team Flare base.

User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#9

Fairly decent, don't remember their levels off hand.
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User Info: ArchSublime

3 years ago#10
Just got out of the Power Plant

Frogadier Lv.28
Raichu Lv.30
Charizard Lv.36 (E.V's full)
Honedge Lv.30
Lucario Lv.34

I know Charizard is staying for the long haul, don't know about the others. Lucario is probably getting the boot since it's not originally mine.
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