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Never played pokemon

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User Info: pakman3

4 years ago#1
Should i

User Info: Konyuna

4 years ago#2
If you like very competitive games, then yes.

User Info: MaruKazeryu

4 years ago#3
Konyuna posted...
If you like very competitive games, then yes.



never step into the competitive playing field. it is a deep pit to hell that even Kratos could not climb out of and will forever poison the way you view the games themselves

User Info: tenchi1981

4 years ago#4
It's a real fun game worth a shot I you like collecting battling and exploring
Pokemon white fc 0820-0308-4093 member of ace breeding center
breeder and founder of the dw breeding center

User Info: dierave

4 years ago#5
man wish i have never played a single pokemon too, can you think about the joy of having 700+ unknown pokemons in a game. I'd constantly change my party, after seeing cool new pokemons

User Info: Champ2013

4 years ago#6
B2 FC: 4814-9614-1430 Normalizer One Stop Battle Shop-I do Unova Dex Fillers, Unova Breeding, Trade Evo's-National Pokedex: 563
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