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They told me Pokemon was kiddy.

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User Info: TheSmartBlonde

3 years ago#1
This game proved them wrong. Awesome opossum.

User Info: chardymardy_mgx

3 years ago#2
TheSmartBlonde posted...
This game proved them wrong. Awesome opossum.

Who is "they"? 'Cause I'mma 'bout to b***hslap them back to Atlantis!
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User Info: marioluigi67890

3 years ago#3
What the rocks on Route 10 really are sent shivers down my spine. Especially when we... well, seen what was inside of them later on.

User Info: mumpsy21

3 years ago#4
It is kiddy, it's cartoony and marketed towards children, why is that a bad thing in the first place?
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User Info: Nakkaru

3 years ago#5
Read the Pokemon Adventures manga.
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User Info: Veluxier

3 years ago#6
There are also some pretty nasty Dex entries.

Yamask for example.
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