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Not understanding "Passerby"

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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

3 years ago#1
So all weekend I was on the trains between NJ and NYC and obviously I was playing Pokemon :D and I guess due to Comic Con I was getting Streetpasses like crazy, as well as players in the "Passerby" which was an awesome feature because they would be sitting a few seats away on the train and we'd acknowledge each other.

Well to my surprise I get home and my 3DS connects to wifi and all of a sudden I'm getting hundreds of Passerby players from around the globe... Any reason to this? I thought I was awesome that it was actual people near me, but now it's any random person... It's not even players in my same region (either based on area selected by the 3DS or wifi geolocation)

Tl;dr : Where all these randoms coming from and why?!
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User Info: oMaJoJ

3 years ago#2
They are all people playing online. You can battle, trade or share O-Powers with them. There's not really a downside to it so just enjoy.
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