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What is your team as of now?

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User Info: BlackBeetleborg

3 years ago#1
And if you feel like it, post their moves and level.
On a side note, who is everyone's flying Pokemon? I didn't want to catch a Fletchling for whatever reason, wanted to Hawlucha but found out he didn't evolve, so I don't know who I should get. I seem to be progressing through the game fine without Fly though.

Snorlax L36
Chip Away
Power-Up Punch

Tyrunt L39
Ancient Power
Dragon Claw
Rock Tomb

Pikachu L38
Grass Knot
Electro Ball

Greninja L40
Power-Up Punch
Aerial Ace
Water Shuriken

Venusaur L39
Sleep Powder
Petal Dance
Razor Leaf

Blaziken L44
Blaze Kick
Double Kick
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User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#2
everyone is around the 50s

The pumpkin thing - BloodLantern
The derpy swamp dragon thing - GummyLiqud
The fire starter - Mozilla
Granbull - WardenOfHell
Malamar - Necrojelly
Durant - Tin Armor II
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User Info: SaintPeter19

3 years ago#3
Chesnaught - 45
- Seed Bomb
- Bite
- Rollout
- Low Sweep

Charizard (X) - 46
- Fire Fang
- Dragon Claw
- Rock Smash
- Shadow Claw

Sylveon - 46
- Moonblast
- Bite
- Swift
- Baby-Doll Eyes

Clawitzer - 45
- Surf (May change to Water Pulse)
- Venoshock
- Dark Pulse
- Aura Sphere

Pangoro - 44
- Low Sweep
- Crunch
- Bulldoze
- Body Slam

Tyrantrum - 45
- Rock Tomb
- Dragon Claw
- Crunch
- Bulldoze

User Info: BlackBeetleborg

3 years ago#4
Happiest Song On The Planet
LoL - BlueberryHuggles

User Info: corretjer94

3 years ago#5
Mines is:
lv38 Delphox; psybeam, psyshock, mystical fire, and flame charge
lv32Sylveon; swift, bite, graining kiss, quick attack
lv36Venusaur; razor leaf, petal dance, double edge, venoshock
lv32Amaura; ice wind, round, aurora beam, anicent power
lv33Vivillon; pysbeam, stun spore, draining kiss, stuggle bug
lv32gardevoir; teleport, confusion, magical leaf, double team
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User Info: bhafc22

3 years ago#6
Just after gym 3

Greninja - 40
Venusaur - 35
Charizard - 40
Amaura - 31
Lucario - 32
Tyrunt - 29

User Info: Kaiquek

3 years ago#7
I just finished the second gym.

Tyrunt Lv.23
Wartortle Lv.27
Pikachu Lv.26
Farfetch'd (in-game trade) Lv.26
Braixen Lv. 27

I still have no idea who my last pokemon will be and if I'm going to switch out farfetch'd.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

3 years ago#8

Mewtwo lvl 79
-Aura Sphere
-Shadow Ball

Lucario lvl 78
-Aura Sphere
-Flash Cannon
-Dragon Pulse

Talonflame lvl 77
-Brave Bird
-Flame Charge
-Steel Wing

Greninja lvl 73
-Night Slash

Charizard lvl 73
-Dragon Claw

Tyrantrum lvl 73
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide

Kinda split up the HMs so they're all at least capable in battle.
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User Info: XFallenPetals

3 years ago#9
Skitty, Charmeloen, Braixen, Absol, Sylveon, and Amaura. D: so unbalanced ATM. I'm gonna likely replace Amaura for Lapris and I may take the gift Lucario instead of my Absol.. We shall see.
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User Info: BaboonMan123

3 years ago#10
Tyrantrum Lv. 60
-Dragon Claw
-Head Smash

Doublade Lv. 60
-Iron Head
-Swords Dance
-Sacred Sword
-Shadow Sneak

Greninja Lv. 60
-Water Shuriken

Avalugg Lv. 60
-Gyro Ball
-Skull Bash

Floette Lv. 60
-Calm Mind
-Solar Beam

Charizard Lv. 61
-Dragon Rage

As you can see, Charizard's my Flyer, and I really need to get rid of Dragon Rage soon but it helps for catching wild Pokemon occasionally, so I keep it for now. Avalanche and Gyro Ball on Avalugg do great amounts of damage because it's so slow, which is okay, because DAMN can that thing take physical hits... On another note, I should really evolve Floette and Doublade.
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