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What is your team as of now?

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User Info: kitsuru

4 years ago#51
Off the top of my head, since I can't check my 3DS at the moment...

Just beat Olympia:

Robin (Delphox, female, lv51, Psychic/Light Screen/Flamethrower/Psyshock).

Thomas (Sylveon, male, lv50, Dazzling Gleam/Draining Kiss/Refresh/Last Resort).

Pooka (Gogoat, male, lv48, Bulldoze/Surf/Seed Bomb/Synthesis).

Taro (Blastoise, male, lv43, Bite/Water Pulse/Aqua Tail/Withdraw).

Ariel (Auroros, female, lv47, Return/Thunderbolt/Aurora Beam/Rock Tomb (I think?))

I also had a trapinch named Tiamat I was grinding (I don't use the Exp All), but, well, nuzlocke rules. That gym had a Gardevoir just WAITING to Trace Tiamat's Arena Trap... :c

I'll be bringing my goomy, Melusine, onto the team next. Don't know her stats, but rest assured that I'll be doing some heavy grinding with her at the Battle Chateau before she goes anywhere near the frontlines...

User Info: Xdoop

4 years ago#52
Perfect IVs in the two stats they need and EV trained.

Smeargle - Lvl 100 - Jolly - Own Tempo - Focus Sash
Shell Smash
Belly Drum
Batton Pass

Zoroark - Lvl 100 - Timid - Illusion - Choice Specs
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast

Mamoswine - Lvl 100 - Adamant - Thick Fat - Life Orb
Icicle Crash

Tyrunt Evo - Lvl 100 - Adamant - Strong Jaw - Not Sure What Item Yet
Rock Slide/Stone Edge - not sure yet
Stealth Rocks

Ferrothorn - Lvl 100 - Relaxed - Iron Barbs - Leftovers
Leech Seed
Protect/Substitute - not sure yet

Lucario - Lvl 100 - Adamant - Justified - Life Orb?
Close Combat
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User Info: PK_Ness

4 years ago#53
Mine are around 17-19's.
They are :


Alot of Fire types lol...but i couldn't help it.
Im gonna go as far as I can without evolving my starters. They're just so darn cute.
Is anyone else having a hard time selecting with so many options? Agh D:
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User Info: Demon_Shark

4 years ago#54
In Y, right now my team consists of...

Wollywog ((Greninja)) Lvl.87

Water shuriken
Dark Pulse

Blaziken Lvl 91

Fire kick
Blast burn
Fire pledge
Sky uppercut

Larion Lvl 34

Iron head
Metal Claw
Iron defense
Take down

Gengar Lvl 63

Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Energy Ball

Aegislash Lvl 42

Night Slash
Shadow Sneak
King's shield
Sacred Sword

Aerodactyl Lvl 49

Ancient power
Sky drop

Hey you know what, I am open to thoughts from others. If someone could shoot me some advice on how to better my team that would be awesome! =D I am obviously going to evolve Larion into Aggron, by the way.
You know what? Now that i think about it, I don't care.

User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#55
Just finished elite four.

Chesnaught - lvl 59

Wood Hammer
Hammer Arm
Dragon Claw

Pyroar - lvl 58

Dark Pulse
Hyper Beam

Pangoro - lvl 57

Hammer Arm
Body Slam

Drifblim - lvl 58

Shadow Ball

Clawitzer - lvl 58

Aura Sphere
Ice Beam
Sludge Bomb

Gardevoir - lvl 60

Energy Ball
Dazzling Gleam

User Info: Unversed

4 years ago#56
Charizard lvl 97, Venusaur lvl 85, Blastoise lvl 90, Mewtwo lvl 76, Dragonite lvl 55, Yveltal lvl 62. Feel overpowered as hell but oh well.
Long days and pleasant nights.

User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#57
6 Badges in. Going through the ice cave place thingy

Docile Skrelp lv 43 @ Poison Barb

Aqua Tail
Sludge Bomb
Poison Tail

My team's very special heavy, so Skrelp here is actually gonna be my physical attacker. I may have one or two special moves since that's what it's meant to do, so the neutral nature don't bother me much.

Rash Vivillon lv 43 @ Silver Powder

Bug Buzz
Stun Spore

Since I'm now getting into the late game, Vivillon has fallen off a bit. However, It still hits hard enough and fast enough to keep up decently well. Been rather impressed with this gen's early game bug.

Brave Blastoise lv 43 @ Rocky Helmet

Rock Smash

My physical tank. Nature kinda sucks, but I got a lot of physical attacks right now so it's whatever. It's main job is to tank physical hits anyways. I plan on fixing his moveset soonish to make him perform his role that much better. Does he get Aqua Jet? I forget...

Modest Delphox lv 44 @ Expert Belt

Grass Knot
Shadow Ball

One of my main powerhouses. My starter has yet to disappoint. Delphox is the fastest member of my team and hits slightly harder than my other powerhouse. Just gave it Expert Belt so it should be doing even more damage!

Modest Gardevoir lv 44 @ Twisted Spoon

Calm Mind

My other powerhouse. Gardevoir is weaker than Delphox by 4 points but that doesn't stop it from doing a crap ton of damage as well! The trade off to being a bit weaker is that Gardevoir is slightly tankier over all, losing out only in defense. Gardevoir can also setup if and when I need him (<_< ) to. (Note, some of this could change if/when I fix their EVs. )

Bold Florges lv 44 @ Leftovers

Petal Dance
Grassy Terrain

Rounding off my team is my special tank. Was somewhat disappointed with Flabebe's line. I love the designs and the stat spread seems pretty good (dat special defense! 0_o ), but not only is she a stone evolution, which are always annoying, but it hardly learned anything on it's own and was horribly weak 'till I finally evolved it and was able to teach it a stronger Fairy move. Just an overall annoying and somewhat boring pokémon for awhile. These days, she has a tendency to not die ever, as you can see by it's set. I'm keeping Grassy Terrain on her for now 'cause that + Leftovers + Wish is lulzy whenever I feel like pulling it off. That, and it gives me STAB on grass moves, which she should have had anyways.

I have a Fletchinder box'd, who helped me get through the early game 'till I got Skrelp and now serves as my flier. I may need to get a dedicated HM slave soon...
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User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#58
At this exact moment?

A Magcargo, 4 Gligar, and 1 egg.

User Info: Lexar93

4 years ago#59
Currently right?

If so Talonflame lv 48
And 5 Eevee eggs..
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User Info: VergilsGirl

4 years ago#60
When not Friend Safari-ing: Level 91 Delphox, Level 81 Sylveon, Level 70-something Talonflame, Level 66 Goodra, and whatever I feel like in the last two slots.

In Friend Safari: Kirlia with Trace, Doublade with False Swipe. Cuts down hunting time so much.
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