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Can't get Mega Stones by changing time

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User Info: Raijectra

3 years ago#1
I just saved in front of the Garchompite, turned off, changed the time to 8:30 and turned the game back on but I can't find it. How come?

User Info: Punjoke

3 years ago#2
When your 3DS time changes for any reason, you're locked out of all events for 24-48 hours.

User Info: Atrabelos

3 years ago#3
I believe there's a trigger that's hit when the game reaches 8:00 PM. Since you set the time to 8:30, the trigger never flipped and thus you can't Mega Garchompite.

That or you're not looking in the right place. Still, try setting the time to 7:59 and try again.

I managed to get all of my Mega Stones by tweaking the 3DS's time settings, so it's definitely possible.
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