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Farfetched is not a Flying Pokemon?

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User Info: Xion333

3 years ago#11
I actually read in a trivia somewhere that Farfetched are based on a japanes idiom making the design look like they were meant to be eaten.

This means that they actually get eaten and the reason why they are rare is that....yeah they get eaten XD

Just search for it here if you are curious :)
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User Info: Tsukasa1891

3 years ago#12
Biaz posted...
you can use Carnivine.
you can use Haunter.
but not Gengar.

heard mega gangar can.

i think it might also have some kind of height requirement. because pokemon like pidgy and sperow can't be used either.
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User Info: Pokebaldy

3 years ago#13
Phantom_Nook posted...
Pokebaldy posted...
The basic rule to participate in Sky battles is.........your pokemon's in game-sprite must not touch the ground. Seriously that's it. It's type or ability does nothing to affect their participatability

lies. Honedge doesn't touch the ground but it's ineligible.

Honedge is one pixel off the ground *cough*

User Info: advocacy

3 years ago#14
What kind of stupid logic is that? As long as a Pokemon is classified as "Flying" and has wings, it should damn well be able to fly.
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