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I have Larvestar, Braixen and Pansear in my Safari

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User Info: earvcunanan

3 years ago#1
Who wants to add me?


User Info: t3hVeG

3 years ago#2
Adding, my FC is in my sig.

Could you tell me what mine gives? (character name Guy)
PSN: t3hVeG83
3DS FC: 4597-0320-9552

User Info: Ruroken225

3 years ago#3
Add please.

FC: 5284-1958-9625

User Info: nblasteroin

3 years ago#4
3DS FC : 1891 - 2262 - 3841
Official Blaziken/Mega Blaziken of the Pokemon X Board

User Info: ShoMinamimotoxD

3 years ago#5
It would be nice to have a starter zone. Add me please c: ?

4296 3513 4583
"You're not a real man until you've had a pokemon battle with your girlfriend during sex.
Also, you have to win or it doesn't count." -DW_TPX

User Info: ArcXenos

3 years ago#6
fc in my sig
3DS FC : 3024 - 5307 - 4534

User Info: rikusora50

3 years ago#7
I do. The elemental monkeys are awesome. FC is 3007-9478-2227!
When pointing a gun at Kevin Mask's head, don't count to 3, count to 10. That way, you get to live 7 seconds longer.-smithkakarot

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#8
3DS XL FC: 4296-3067-2375 - $teven from Kalos
"War. War never changes." I'm The Dark Prince.

User Info: Apple_Danish

3 years ago#9
Can everyone add me, please?

Fc: 3969-4373-5652 Thank you

User Info: waddict

3 years ago#10
Add me.
I want a Pansear in my zone!
Chief X Whitney is my OTP!
3DS FC : 2552 - 0485 - 5072, Kaoru from Gencarvo!
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