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I have Larvestar, Braixen and Pansear in my Safari

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User Info: J0N8HAN

3 years ago#71
Would you mind adding me as well? FC 0963-0205-8882.


User Info: Dzeran

3 years ago#72
Is it too late to get in on this? Add please if you can FC in sig
3DS FC: 5257-9772-3110

User Info: Gogito4

3 years ago#73
Still going through the game, but I do want me some Larvesta.

My FC is: 1246-8915-9897
Tales of Xillia... here I come!
Dissidia 012: Main:Terra Subs:Squall,WoL,Cloud and Kain.

User Info: bornonafriday

3 years ago#74
Add please! 5129-1436-0133
Check out The National Pastime, a video games podcast discussing general gaming topics!
Also follow me @protomelvin

User Info: abement

3 years ago#75
Friend Code in sig.
3DS FC: 4596 9474 6165

User Info: PhanumXfiniti

3 years ago#76
hey people feel free to add me in your friend safari my FC is in my sig message me and ill add you guys back!!
Add me FC 4398-8667-3395

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
3 years ago#77
Add me please, FC in Sig
3DS FC (For Pokemon Mainly): 3582 - 9560 - 3048

User Info: LoudLine

3 years ago#78
Could you add me please friend code is: 2723-9646-0721


User Info: HolyAlchemy1

3 years ago#79
add me
4098 2867 7541
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  3. I have Larvestar, Braixen and Pansear in my Safari

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