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So I have (Ninetales), Slugma, and Ponyta in my safari

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User Info: Linnn

3 years ago#51
Add me too please!


User Info: kowanp

3 years ago#52
Speedlot posted...
Add me if you want. You must connected to the internet if you want to find the third pokemon Ninetails. (drought)

Added you! Add me pleassee, i've been searching for one for so longggg. thanks!

User Info: SakeTGC

3 years ago#53
FC: 1203-9579-9169

Thanks for your much appreciated help!

User Info: Campber7741

3 years ago#54
Added. Mines 4871-4056-9195.

Also if anyone wants to trade a Drought Vulpix or Ninetails for a Chloropyll Ivysaur, PM me.

User Info: Cheetohsmorzode

3 years ago#55

FC 165022328761

User Info: meleti

3 years ago#56
3DS friend code: 2036-6422-9028

User Info: AllanontheDruid

3 years ago#57
1134-7459-0834 adding in a minute, thanks!
Get away! Run away! Fly away! Lead me astray to Dreamer's Hideaway! I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more, I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world

User Info: Miyugeer

3 years ago#58
add me pls too ^^ 5386-8474-3221

User Info: pusho

3 years ago#59
Add me too! I would love to have those
FC in sig
FC: 3539-9446-1640

User Info: flygon9

3 years ago#60
can you add me too?
heres hopeing Fennelkin is at least a pokeball pokemon in super smash bros. wii u/3ds
3DS FC: 0946-3284-7248 Pm if you add me
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