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User Info: Danuniporn

3 years ago#1
Hello I was wondering what would be around the best level to evolve my togetic? Or would that not matter/ make that much of a difference.

User Info: Gheb

3 years ago#2
Unless it's picked up some great Fairy move as a level up move this generation, just evolve it as soon as you can. All of it's best moves you get form the Move Relearner.
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User Info: flashfactor7

3 years ago#3
Evolution only matters for moves not stats.

So look at the movelist and you should see when you wanna level.
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User Info: cybersonic233

3 years ago#4
I think it may get Fairy Wind

User Info: Danuniporn

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the fast response you guys!

User Info: stella0219

3 years ago#6
Where did you find the togekiss? I'm trying to find one and it's impossible for me to find...

User Info: ProfSquirtle

3 years ago#7
You can find someone who has one in their Friend Safari, or whenever you want (during any point in the adventure) go to your GTS, type in its name manually and find a slew of results. That, or put up any Pokemon at the GTS, ask for "Togepi" and then come back some time later. You will get it these ways.

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