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Who is the Stunfisk of this Generation?

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User Info: bretonftw

3 years ago#11
Diggersby definitely.
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User Info: TaquishaJohnson

3 years ago#12
The keyring Pokemon gets a lot of hate, but that thing with all the arms sticking out of it looks dumb as hell too.

User Info: DrHarlock

3 years ago#13
Why does Bidoof get all the hate and not Bibarel? Bidoof is adorable.
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User Info: kuro-n

3 years ago#14
When I see them I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking at.
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#15
Gen 1: Slowpoke Psyduck Magikarp Lickitung

Gen 2: Quagsire Dunsparce Wobbuffet

Gen 3: Slakoth Whismur Spinda Wynaut

Gen 4: Bidoof Lickilicky

Gen 5: Tympole Stunfisk Scraggy

Gen 6: Slurpuff Binacle
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User Info: TheResidentEvil

3 years ago#16
i think the casket pokemon is pretty lame
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User Info: Unboll

3 years ago#17
omegaslash14 posted...
Unboll posted...
Every generation always has that one Pokemon that looks like it was dropped on its head as a baby; except for generation one. Generation one is so masterfully drawn that it looks like it was chiseled by the Gods! Here is a list of mentally challenged Pokemon by generation. Please fill in the blank for Gen 6:

Gen 1: Jynx, Mr. Mime, Tangela, Machamp



0_o? Jynx??!?! Jynx is my all time favorite Pokemon ironically! I love how Jynx resembles a voodoo doll. She is so majestic! I love Jynx so much, I like her better than Charizard!

And Mr. Mime? Mr. Mime is a classic! That is Ashes butler. You can't hate on Ashes butler. Plus he's a mime. And that is a very original concept for a Pokemon. I mean a mime Pokemon? That's pretty original.

And Tangela? Tengela looks like a Final Fantasy character! He is one of Pokemon's epic masterpieces.

And yeah I'll admit that Machamp is one of the weaker looking Pokemon but he's still original. Plus he looks like Machop and Machoke. So if you dislike Machamp, then you also say that Machop and Machamp are badly drawn Pokemon :(. And Machop is an original Pokemon.
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