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can someone help me understand daycare a little?

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User Info: moogythejork

3 years ago#1
so I dropped off a female gible and a tyrunt.. they made eggs happily..

but how do I know what pokemon will come from the egg? will it be a tyrunt or a gible? and does it depend on anything?

and I know certain pokemon types can only breed with other certain ones, but is there a chart where I can see this? thanks a lot
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User Info: spealfan444

3 years ago#2
Only one way to find out.......
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User Info: Midnighthobo89

3 years ago#3
the baby will always be the species of the female, so you will have gible
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User Info: Bacon_Man2009

3 years ago#4
its always the female or in the case of ditto+male the male
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User Info: Ravaryn

3 years ago#5

This explains pretty much everything about breeding you need to know.
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