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Friend Safari! Pansear, Ninetales, and Larvesta

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User Info: fridgehead1

4 years ago#51
0576 - 4688 - 8270 will try to add everyone. PM me if you add me and I haven't added you :)

User Info: Hetarios

4 years ago#52
Will be adding you TC. My FC is in sig

IGN is Nigelle btw.
FC: 5043 - 1655 - 0587

User Info: richicardo123

4 years ago#53
my name comes up as Ricardo
0001-4705-0572 my code

User Info: KoraCat

4 years ago#54
Please add me also. :>


Hopefully I have a good type for the Safari.

User Info: CA0001

4 years ago#55
I'm adding you, please do send me a pm if you've added me, and if convenient please do tell me what my safari type is.
FC: 2793 1878 2039 (3DS) 0518 8972 2483 (Black) 0046 9893 2351 (White2)

User Info: kingkai93

4 years ago#56
Hey I added you please add me: 0404-5630-6913

User Info: Nargrimm

4 years ago#57
Added you TC.

FC: 5429 - 7435 - 4479

Dont know whats in my safari, and haven't beaten the E4 yet, hope you dont mind.

User Info: RenegadeReaper

4 years ago#58
Please add 1220-6729-3869
If we don't try as hard as we can where will we go?
We need to stand up and make a difference. For ourselves and for others.

User Info: Loqistics

4 years ago#59
Beaten the E4. Friend Code is in Sig. Will add all that PM.
FC: 3969-5024-2718

User Info: xabbyg

4 years ago#60
Please add me :) I'm 4441 9553 1249
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