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pokemon evolution PLEASE HELP ME

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User Info: beardo1993

3 years ago#1
Hi. I need help knowing and with the process of evolving my pokemon. And want to make some tardes. Here are the few I need help with.
1. Pumpkaboo
2. Phantump
3. Spritzee

1. I Have gigalith but want a Golem.
2. I Have Eevee n want a Areodactyl
3. Lvl 1 bulbasaur for any level squirtle.
And 4. I Have lvl 1 fennikin n want a pinsir level 30 to 40 with its mega evolution stone.

Please help me out If you can. Email me at If you can. I hardly check my gamefaqs anymore.

User Info: jmp0628

3 years ago#2
Pumpkin and phantump you have to trade to evolve and I can evolve them for you if you can evolve my phantump
FC 5069-5332-8100
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