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Can you grind for Style points?

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User Info: RemixV4

4 years ago#1
Serebii mentions doing things in Lumiose to gain Style, but doesn't mention if you can keep doing the same things like hotel work and riding goats to grind out more. Does it cap when you do everything once, or what?
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User Info: desufin

4 years ago#2
Seems very possible to grind it. I haven't done all the restaurant meal battles and a few other things and I'm certain I'm maxed out (or very close to it). I have the Mr. Bonding O-Power you get at high style etc.

User Info: TorchicBlaziken

4 years ago#3
I don't know really. I tried going on a loop with the cab and Lumiose Press to grind the style but the price of Mega Stone did not lower. Then I ate at Le Yeah for the first time and it did lower. But I don't know.

User Info: WoIfOfLight

4 years ago#4
you can grind me if you're stylish enough ;)

but on a serious note i don't know. desurfin i think proves it.
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User Info: KyranKat

4 years ago#5
I can confirm that you can grind them. I just spent an hour watching TV and spamming A to ride a gogoat around town and reduced the cost of megastones by the end without doing any other activities.
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