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Deleting Friend Codes & Friend Safari

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User Info: BDog142

3 years ago#111
Plz add me to your friend safari I'm trying to get a lot of new codes

My code is 3067-5661-7692

I don't know what pokemon I have yet if you could tell that'd be great
And I don't have internet so I don't know if I can add any right know

User Info: jeffreycabrera9

3 years ago#112
Add me! Already added almost everyone 5343-8963-3101

User Info: Dan959

3 years ago#113
Hey just wonder how do u find out your type on friend safari pretty new to it

User Info: jwalkmydude

3 years ago#114
Every one add me!! Ghost type

User Info: Dragonball9899

3 years ago#115
Dragonball9899 posted...
When did TC say he was adding anyone?

Seriously. TC never said s/he was adding anyone.
3DS Friend Code: 4699-5772-7156 Safari Type Poiosn: Venomoth, Whirlipede, Gloom
PM me if you add me, as I now have a constant WiFi connection.

User Info: Solar20xx

3 years ago#116
Dragonball9899 posted...
When did TC say he was adding anyone?

Never. Just asked a simple question, but you know how stupid these people can be.
Crap, I edit a lot.
Sometimes even serious times have their funny moments:

User Info: jstew5703

3 years ago#117
Dunlop, can you add me? I really want a riolu!!
Pokemon X: 0232-8114-6136
Ice: Snover, Beartic, Piloswine

User Info: Jetx9000

3 years ago#118
Could someone add me and tell me what my safari is? 0302-0565-8810 reply with your FC
My 3DS FC: 0302-0565-8810

User Info: XavageAlan

3 years ago#119
If you don't mind can you all add me plz :D

Friend Code: 3153-4395-3520
And also tell me what safari i have

User Info: Dan959

3 years ago#120
Add me I will add anyone and everyone also those that add me could you let me know what my FS is please
My friend code is 0731-6094-0862 don't know my type but will accept anyone as a friend
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