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Competitive Support Meowstic Build

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User Info: Maniacaly_Sane

4 years ago#11
Winsage posted...
Maniacaly_Sane posted...
Exact numbers arent published, but general guesses...

HP: ~80
Atk: bad, i dun remember but bad.
Satk: ~100
Def: ~80
Sdf: ~100
Spd: ~110

So its a usable special sweeper with decent bulk, will survive a random hit here and there you didnt expect it to. Its also quite speedy, and with its diverse movepool expect lots of coverage.

Serebii actually has numbers up, and unfortunately they're not exactly stellar. I think male Meowstic has a lot of potential in double battles, but the female one is outclassed in competitive.

Wow that is... Significantly lower than the initial smogon guesses.... Wth o_O

Hp: 74
Atk: 46
Satk: 83
Def: 76
Sdf: 81
Spd: 104

at least its still speedy, and the bulk is enough to survive behind dual walls... But probably not for long... = X
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