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Did your favorite Pokemon get a mega evolution?

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User Info: Scc_Defender

4 years ago#111
No Mega Arcanine.

I also would have accepted Mega Nidoking, Mega Sandslash or Mega Flygon.
XBL GT: Ignis Sphaera
Scc Defender - Always Striving For Glory

User Info: Quetzalma

4 years ago#112
Mega Absol <3

too bad there was no Mega Shedinja xD

User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#113
Final Fantasy XIV ARR: Masamune - Legacy Server

User Info: OridanIX

4 years ago#114
SacredChaos posted...
I don't think Raichu will ever get anything. F*** Pikachu.

This right here. Raichu is awesome and always forgotten by Game Freak.

User Info: IBeatGames

4 years ago#115
where the hell are my mega probopass and muk!

his nose needs to be bigger!
FC: 1993=7936-3954

User Info: SnowxReturns

4 years ago#116
HeyWheresKel posted...
I don't really think Zapdos deserves a Mega, what with it being legendary and all.

Mewtwo of all things got 2 mega evolutions, so everything is possible now.
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