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Where do I get TM Flamethrower?

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User Info: LontaBeans

3 years ago#1
^ Topic ^
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User Info: ozza

3 years ago#2
From the hex woman in the Pokemon Center in Anistar City. I think during the daytime, but not 100% certain on that. I got it from her on my 2nd attempt speaking to her. I think she actually gives 3 TM's in total, but I haven't got the 3rd one from her yet.

User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#3
Try talking to her around the afternoon. She gives four different TMs based on time of day.

Incidentally, I think she gives Substitute around midnight/late evening, Psych Up in evening, and Double Team in the morning.
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User Info: Biaz

3 years ago#4
got it today at around 5pm I think (+/- 1 hour).
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