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Scenario: Pokesav and/or Pokegen is available for Pokemon x and y

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User Info: Eidolith

3 years ago#31
I just want a gts hack so i can get the event only pokemon which take ages for them to release or they just don't distribute them in Denmark, plus i find it fun to give my pokemon impossible moves, cause well, my fav pokemon don't tend to have my fav moves (Flaaffy with luster purge for example)

And i have never played pokemon competitively, only a few battles with my brother and my cousin, so don't see the harm.

Oh and with cheating i can get around not being able to nickname my legendaries, that always annoyed me, plus the locked nature legends.

User Info: BahamutKaiser

3 years ago#32
Hoozah123 posted...
Here the thing, I have a life. I am also married. I also have a job and school. I breed whenever I have any downtime. I don't have to play the game religiously to get those perfect mon. Right now, I have two team mate that is good enough to fight online. I already field tested one of them and it push the opponent back pretty hard, and this is when I'm not using mega evolution. I still need one more pokemon, but I'm not in any rush. Anyone who cheat in a children game is some sad sack of ****.

Awe, a grown married man plays a "kids game", and gets offensive (over a "kids game") when others don't submit to the rules.

How mature, glad to see adults have such strong moral foundation.

U Mad?

Sorry, I graduated from deficient gameplay when I grew up. If it is adequate for someone else, good for them, as for me, games like these have good content, but they fall short in many aspects, and their the best the system has to offer so I make due and correct any short comings where possible.

As for simulators... I only play this because it's portable, Pokemon isn't good enough to spend my home time.

Now if I had the time and resources, I would rewrite the game into a superior experience, this is what, generation 6?, which is a fancy way to overlook the fact that every generation includes dual release and a follow up. Yet the content after 6 sequels and dozens of side releases is only about 3 or 4 sequels in quality. As good as the games are, their probably 25% of the games potential, especially since it's a wildly successful series with a massive budget...

The only acceptable limitation to the series content is the technology threshold. So I'll see your cheap indignation over hacking and raise you a veterans dissatisfaction with game quality in Pokemon specifically and also games as a whole.

Get served "TryHard".
Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#33
I'd use it. Mostly because I still don't understand IV breeding. I don't need it for EV's anymore and I'm happy about that. But IV's suck. That and the breeding process still seems long. I'll wait for the process of doing it to settle... maybe it's easier now? I don't get where Everstones and Destiny Knots come into play. If you had to breed once or twice... that'd be okay. But I hear of people breeding 10 to 15 eggs. What the duck?

Guilty? No. I blame IV's. I was happy when the rumor of them not existing was around. Too bad it was a lie. What a shame. Besides, even though I might not theoretically use it... others will.

Yeah. If you can't beat them, join them. And I don't even play competitive that seriously. The only reason I originally got into Pokegen/Pokesav was because I like the mechanics and tech stuff going on behind the scenes. That doesn't exclusively involve Pokemon.

Haha, Goomy. No. I'm a member of the Church of All Mew.

EDIT: Typos.
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User Info: BalloonBattle05

3 years ago#34
I would hack the parents and also hack for items.
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User Info: Andy-K89

3 years ago#35
I've only ever used Pokégen to obtain legendaries and event exclusives which are never available to me where I live anyway.
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User Info: shadowenclave47

3 years ago#36
Andy-K89 posted...
I've only ever used Pokégen to obtain legendaries and event exclusives which are never available to me where I live anyway.

This. I use pokedit to get pokemon or item that i can no longer get.
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User Info: RAPTall1

3 years ago#37
Probably will at least for one-of-a-kind pokemon that I couldn't breed for.

My time commitment comes in when I spend the time planning out a team, with EVs, natures, and moves carefully picked out. If I can shave off some time assembling the actual team, I'd probably take it. Also if I spent time on a poke that ends up not fitting in with the team synergy, I can easily try out some other options.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

3 years ago#38
Dark Young Link posted...
If you're feeling bad about playing a game, you're doing something wrong >_>

If you feel bad about playing a game because there is so much un-fun, luck-based, non-challenging padding, the developers are doing something wrong. I've seen so many comments on the breeding system to the effect of "it's not hard at all, I watch TV while breeding to pass the time." Well, to paraphrase Yahtzee: "I play video games for fun, to distract myself from the boredom of reality. If, when I play your game, I need to find something to do to distract me from your game, something has gone wrong."

Even with the changes to the breeding system and IV, it is still tedious. Five generations since breeding has been introduced, and Game Freak STILL can't find a way to make it anything more than a jogging simulator?

And the changes still leave things very luck based anyway. Sure, the very rare (luck based 5% chance encounter) baby wild Pokemon have 3 perfect IVs, and the safari Pokemon have two, but I speak from experience when I say that there is absolutely nothing stopping the destiny knot from picking the three imperfect stats from each parent time and time again. So it's still ultimately about luck.

User Info: LoveSquirtle

3 years ago#39
I had a blast when I first used Pokegen in gen 5, and will continue to do so in gen 6. It's hard for me to understand why a person would spend weeks or months breeding a Pokemon for battling, whereas it only takes minutes to create the same things using Pokegen...

Currently trying to hatch a shiny Protean Froakie for competitive purposes, and sitting at about 900+ eggs hatched. Still haven't got a shiny, and it's honestly really annoying and frustrating doing this.. Not only that, but Pokegen will most likely not be updated for gen 6, which means that if we want to use any gen 6 Pokemon for competitive online play, we'd have to breed them. Once the week before Poketransfer is released, my plan is to create a s*** ton of competitive pokes and transfer them over to my Y-version by 30's...

User Info: Kiyohime

3 years ago#40
Would you utilize it?


Would you feel guilty?

Not in the slightest.

Do you understand why people are anal about you using it?

It's understandable.

Do you think they have a valid argument?

It's game data in a non-competitive environment. Who cares?

If you'd argue in-game is a competitive environment, is time investment a good factor to have in deciding the outcome of a match?
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