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The save glitch pisses me off so freaking much GameFreak

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  3. The save glitch pisses me off so freaking much GameFreak

User Info: PinkyHaLa

4 years ago#1
From memory have they ever had any known glitches that were this game breaking?, I can't seem to remember but then again I am a new fan from only last gen.

It's the worst feeling reading all these horror stories then to find out it's the next city that you travel across. I honestly didn't even like just walking around in that city let alone doing anything other then story related plot advancements.

Sigh. I saved outside the city of course but I honestly don't even like spending time in that city period. Anyone else feel the same or am I being paranoid?

User Info: hikaruomega

4 years ago#2
Missingno. had possibilites. Then again, Gen I was just full of glitches.
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User Info: darkheartVegeta

4 years ago#3
i feel kinda like that. i dont save outside anywhere in that city i have had to save in building but i havent had a problem with that yet
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User Info: Raizun

4 years ago#4
Well there's never been a worldwide released. I wonder how many times Japan has gone through this. >_>
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User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#5
I was afraid to save in vermillion on heartgold because I noticed this huge amount of lag while walking.

After you play a lot of adventure games you notice these things
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User Info: Omni Maxtron

Omni Maxtron
4 years ago#6
This is why Stadium / Colosseum games have always taught to save at pokémon centers, you'll never encounter any glitches or problems there.
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  3. The save glitch pisses me off so freaking much GameFreak

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