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So i go to the Building in Lumiose City...(spoilers)

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User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#1
I go to the 2nd floor

....then that happened

well thx for the nightmare fuel GF. gg no re
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User Info: emitts

4 years ago#2
Oh my god YES I just experienced it and it gave me chills..

User Info: lilaschildkrote

4 years ago#3
how is this spoilers
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User Info: ohiostate124

4 years ago#4
so what happened?
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User Info: zero67501

4 years ago#5

User Info: Ryoukai

4 years ago#6
lilaschildkrote posted...
how is this spoilers

The word "that" just spoiled the whole game for me.
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User Info: gs_bassxx

4 years ago#7
This'll make sense to who know what this is: She's also in the hotel.
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User Info: Sougon

4 years ago#8
GF does creepy better than most creepypasta these days.

And while that doesn't say much, it does say something!
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User Info: Mrprowley

4 years ago#9
You just dont want know..dont go up there.

User Info: emitts

4 years ago#10
There is a 3 story building in North part of town and the 2nd floor is empty.. Just go there and see for yourself to see what we're talking about!
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