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Are X and Y the best pokemon games EVAR?

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User Info: nameless0101

3 years ago#11
SirPikachu posted...
nameless0101 posted...
As it currently stands it's my least favourite gen of pokemon.

Although I'm sure I'll be given hell for thinking that.


The graphics are awesome and I love them.

However I don't really like the new Pokemon designs, the games got no challenge at all (even for a Pokemon game) and given how good I thought black and whites story was X\Y's plot is pants.

There's also the least endgame content in a pokemon game that there has been for 3 generations or so.
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User Info: OCShoes

3 years ago#12
I think 6 is the best, but some of the steps back from 5 really annoy me -.- At least they kept in the repel prompts...
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User Info: lavos24551h

3 years ago#13
while i am going to vote No, i willl state my reason

while i do consider them well above-average, i do not consider them to be "the best ever", i certainly dont dislike them in fact i quite love them, but i will always consider gen 1 and 2 to be 'the best' cus Gen 1 laid the foundation of the series and Gen 2 was the original generation of tons of Innovative Features

id rather prefer to say X and Y is similar to Gen 2, in that its massively innovative and adds alot of nice things, but in my mind, that doesnt necessarily qualify as "the best" just because its hugely based on Innovation
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