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Someone help with my team!

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User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#1
My Current team is as follows:

I need 2 more members

I was thinking about perhaps Heracross or Lucario, although I like Heracross much more Personally.

But I need some opinions.


User Info: Neko_Means_Cat

3 years ago#2
Heracross. Lucario is too mainstream.

User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#3
Ok Good, this is leaving me with:

sandslash - Ground
Gardevoir: Psychic/ Fairy
Heracross: Bug/ Fighting
Heliolisk: Electric/normal
Noibat: Flying/Dragon

So i'm strong against most types.

So I need suggestions for a grass/ice/steel/dark/water type.

User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#4
the ninja frog!
"It is the same for anyone As long as you are dreaming, the dream will never reveal itself to you."-Zinzolin

User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#5
I wasn't fond of Greninja

Any others?

User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#6

User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#7
One More bump

User Info: Malimario98

3 years ago#8
I'd recommend a Super Sized Gourgeist, it has high Attack, Defense, and HP. I made sure mine had the ability Frisk, and I gave it a Big Root so it'll get more HP back from Leech Seed.
Goomy is love, Goomy is life.

User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#9
Hmm. Yes, thats not so bad. How do I get a "Super Sized" One?

User Info: ManicFerret

3 years ago#10
Yeah, you need some kind of tank. You should have enough damage with Heracross Noivern and Gardevoir. Not sure what the stats on Heliolisk are like yet, is he a sweeper too? Anyways, Sandslash is probably ok as a physical tank but a special tank would probably be a good idea. I know they can both seem kinda dumb but either of the jellyfish pokemon would probably work (Jellicent and Tentacruel). Tentacruel would give a nice defense against Fairy types, I'd recommend that.
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