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What is your favourite pokemon to play with in Pokemon Amie?

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User Info: kratos_jadelove

3 years ago#11
My darling Vaporeon. :D
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User Info: Revoredo

3 years ago#12

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games have some of the legendary pokémon to actually have a gender, like Azelf and Uxie are male, Mesprit is female. Terrakion, Cobalion and Keldeo are male, Virizion is female.
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User Info: ShikanRaider

3 years ago#13
Glaceon cuz it's adorable.

User Info: BellPumpkin

3 years ago#14
Shuppet and its massive eyes are cute as hell. Banette's mouth unzips to eat, and that's pretty cool too.

My favourite is probably Slugma though, who just stares at you dull-faced whenever he burns your hand.

Gurdurr was weird. He fist pumps when you rub him, and rubbing his gerder somehow makes him practically 'gasm.
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User Info: sword_artist_

3 years ago#15
Pikachu. No joke, it's adorable.
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User Info: CaptainZeng

3 years ago#16
I kinda melted when I tried it with my newly acquired shiny Kirlia. The thing was so happy and kept dancing and stuff. I couldn't help but smile as well.
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User Info: Tyranidomega

3 years ago#17
Hydreigon with his head thrash dances. Also like how all 3 heads eat the pokepuffs, was really expecting only the main head to eat.

Hydreigon love it when you pet the main head frill, but get mad if you pet the wings
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User Info: lunarsword

3 years ago#18
Mainly my Delcatty for cute factor (and I actually have a cat IRL). I'm just waiting on my Lopunny in December so I can feel her up.
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User Info: kitsuru

3 years ago#19
ShiningMyuu posted...
Kangaskhan, when you feed her pokepuffs you feed the baby instead if the mother. It's so cute~!

Actually, the mama and baby eat together--you have to put the puff where they can both get at it. It really is adorable. <3

User Info: FFhsr815

3 years ago#20
Pikachu! When you hold a puff just out of reach over his head, he just swipes at it so adorably <3
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