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Action Replay'd pokemon and Pokemon Bank.

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User Info: tabby3

3 years ago#11
NinjaKitsune posted...
tabby3 posted...
I wonder if you hack it in, say, to Sapphire, breed it, hatch it...and would...technically be a legit pokemon, then....right?

Actually, this isn't a bad idea. No matter how badly hacked the parent is, a child bred from them should be legit. Would take a bit more time, but you've got plenty before poke bank comes out.

It should, yes. I figure that because an action Replay for the GBA shouldn't be too hard to use, that if you breed the egg, hatch it...transfer to Gen4 then 5, we'd only need to wait a bit to get said pokemon...

Only issue is still no shiny Furfrou for me.
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User Info: YamiJustin

3 years ago#13
There are ways you can get some legendaries via codes that don't ruin the pokemon themselves. Tweaks in Platinum or Diamond where you can catch legitimate Darkrai or Shaymin, the tweak-glitch gets you to where they are found but when you catch them there'd be no way the Pokemon Bank can tell how you got there. Obviously using AR to get event items like the Azure Flute (maybe this specific Arceus will be blocked tho).
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