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Wow I really lucked out just now (picking starter pokemon)

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  3. Wow I really lucked out just now (picking starter pokemon)

User Info: hikamikazesama

4 years ago#11
You can play with fennekin.

There are reset bags to reset ur EVs and you can just super train instead of grinding on pokemon for EVs. Also you could start super training right now but use a trash mon to unlock the other rounds. Also it may be tedious to start now since fennekin probably wont hit much in super training.

Anyway there's reset bags so dont worry and post game you'll probably want to breed a perfect IV fennekin for a real contender.(which is really easy in this gen)
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User Info: loser_02004

4 years ago#12
Oh wow, that sounds really convenient haha. Well how do I get these reset bags vs other ones for the stats? And do you all agree with 252 sp.atk 252 hp and 4 Def? Or should I split HP and Speed down the middle perhaps?
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User Info: FrostMeister

4 years ago#13
loser_02004 posted...
Lo and behold, it is both a female (for breeding) AND Modest, which from the looks of its base stats is the way to go.

Pokemon don't need to be female to pass their natures anymore.
Male parents can do it too.

User Info: yomomma0919

4 years ago#14
Hmm that's funny as i also got a female modest fennekin after 4 srs. Was trying to get a female and the first one i got was a relaxed nature so i turned it off, and two fennikens later i got a female modest one^^
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  3. Wow I really lucked out just now (picking starter pokemon)

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