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Among all Safari Type, I get this as my type >.>

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  3. Among all Safari Type, I get this as my type >.>

User Info: shadowenclave47

3 years ago#81
Crystal_pony posted...
i got fire

with Charmeleon, Growlithe, and Braixen

im thrilled to pieces (not)

notice sig please

Can i add you? My FC in sig
3DS FC 3539-9421-0380

User Info: sephirlink8

3 years ago#82
To be honest, I'd like a Dedenne :p
FC is 1375-7205-6157 add me
Tacos rule

User Info: Zswordmaster

3 years ago#83


I have very mixed feelings about mine. :( Overall I dun like it, but I do find it hilariously that they're all beefy troll types. (I was REALLY hoping to be Metang, because I lurvs Metagross.)
I'm not being rude, you're just insignificant.
*Certified Gifted and talented, thinking on a higher level than 99% of people my age.

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#84
NessEggman posted...
Brandonfire posted...
Could be worse. I would be disappointed if I had bug or something, but fortunately I've got normal (possibly with Audinos, if I remember what my friend told me correctly), which is alright.

Bug is ****ing awesome. What is wrong with you?! XZD

Haha lmao
But, they're not as awesome as Dragons a Bug/Dragon would still be nice. The official Royal Heir of GameFAQs!
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User Info: _Ultimate_Sora_

3 years ago#85
I have dark with sandile, pawniard and absol D; Not too bad I suppose
3DS FC: 3566-2649-5921
Big Boss of MSF!

User Info: NecrosexuaI

3 years ago#86
i think we're 3ds friends XD because i have someone in my friend safari with the exact same lot.

I have pumpkaboo, lampent, and dusclops.
same for this.
so nvm maybe it cycles.

i'm desperately looking for someone with joltik/galvantula in their safari (hinthint), dunno what's in mine xAx
i have electric too :(
at least i have Galvantula

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  3. Among all Safari Type, I get this as my type >.>

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