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Not Quite undertsanding breeding- help please !

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User Info: Hero of time1290

Hero of time1290
3 years ago#1
So I read the sticky on the matter and it seems pretty great, but there's a few mechanics I can't seem to wrap my head around. I'll explain.

So I caught about 60 Dittos and ended up with 15 who have useful natures. I took those to the IV checker to check their IVs. Now I know I need to breed the pokemon I want to train with a ditto holding an everstone to pass down the correct nature. Then I give the new baby the everstone to keep the nature and I find a ditto with a perfect IV and give it a power item. I will then have a baby with one perfect IV and the correct nature.

But here's where I get lost. I'll quote the step:

"Breed this new baby with a different ditto who has two different perfect IVs, holding a power item for one of its perfect IVs. Your baby should continue to hold the everstone. The goal here is to get a baby with 2 perfect IVs, which is about a 1 in 3 chance. Take all of your babies to the Kiloude city IV checker until one has 2 perfect IVs."

Okay, so clearly I don't understand breeding because this doesn't make sense to me. Where does the 1 in 3 chance come in? How are you going to transfer the original perfect IV to the new baby since you are no longer having a parent hold the correct power item?

And furthermore, how exactly does a Destiny Knot work? My understanding is it transfers 5 IVs from parent to child. If that's the case, why not use a Destiny Knot instead of a power item in step 1 so you can get a baby with 2 perfect IVs right off the bat? thanks for any insight
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