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"____ shouldnt have been Fairy type because it's not a fairy."

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User Info: Dante2049

4 years ago#31
jokrayz posted...
Justwanttolook posted...
jokrayz posted...
LegoTechnic posted...
Now that this is settled, let us begin the discussion on the constitutional meaning of the term "Normal type", and how normalcy should be defined within the confines of a pokemon world, especially but not limited to a comparison with various "Fighting type" examples as we come across them.

By TC's absurd logic. fighting would probably be the most understandable ones as they somewhat look like fighting styles in real life.

a boxer.
a kick boxer.
a wrestler (one with a championship belt).
judo?akido? (whatever throh and sawk are based off of)
caporeira? (hitmontop might be considered this)
a luchadore

what else am i missing?

Aren't most Fighting types based on such things. Even Scrafty and Pangoro are based of people who are known to get into fights frequently.

I want to say yes. but i don't know what scrafty is supposed to be.. and I was under the impression pancham was a panda. :(

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User Info: Raltrios

4 years ago#32
MaplesGrandGM posted...
First, you're over simplifying for the sake of your argument, thus you have no better argument, so you already lost.

Oh lord, the enormous ego, it burns! There was nothing to 'lose' here, as there was no 'argument' to begin with.

Anyway, I understand TC. He was merely noting that getting into a tiff over what pokes are which type is a pointless exercise, as there are many 'mons that don't seem to fit in with the name of their type. For example, Doduo is part Flying yet it cannot fly (HM02 notwithstanding). Goomy is a slime (which you'd think would be Water or perhaps Poison) but is pure Dragon. And as mentioned before, Foongus and Amoongus are based on fungi, not plants like you'd expect for something under the Grass heading.

And I agree. Saying Azumarill can't be a Fairy is like saying Jirachi shouldn't be Steel. It doesn't look like it's made of metal, yet it's been ages since anyone made a remark about that. Just accept and move on.
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User Info: AngellicAbyss

4 years ago#33
Calling troll on this one.

User Info: gamefatty

4 years ago#34
*creepy grin*
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User Info: ssyl9

4 years ago#35
just gonna put this in...

Ground pokemon... are not the ground either.. for obvious reasons...
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#36
Kruploy posted...
Name one water pokemon that is water.


Frillish and Jellicent are ghost jellyfish made out of water...
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User Info: the_cajun88

4 years ago#37
Kruploy posted...
Name one water pokemon that is water.


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