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Last Pokemon I played was Silver so I have a few questions..

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User Info: Kanadian_Keith

4 years ago#1
So my first question is:

Where did all these Pokemon come from?

I'm kidding. Although I must admit, knowing that there is a professor for every game, sort of makes Oak lose his status a bit however he's still old school.

Serious questions though:

1) What is this IV stuff?

2) Is the EV stats important? I read that you can see them now, which I'm not quite sure what they are.

3) Do people search for shinies because they're shiny or am I missing something?

4) Is it possible to contain every single Pokemon in this game if you were to trade from previous games?

Other than the questions, I must say I'm really impressed with this game. They really took the series and ....evolved it. HA..Ha...ha.

Now just need a Pokemon Stadium Wii-U game and I'll be happy.

Also, off topic but how would you feel if they changed the Pokemon battles for the handhelds and/or the console games to more of an arena type? Where instead of taking turns, you have your set moves then run around in a small arena/area and just pick your attacks once the bar fills back up for them, like traditional RPG games.

I think that would be interesting as the strategies could get more advanced.
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User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#2
1) random number between 0 and 31 for each stat. Generated whenever a pokemon is generated. Is added to the pokemon stats at level 100.
2)important if playing online. They don't matter in the story.
3)Because they are rare.
4I think so yeah.
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  3. Last Pokemon I played was Silver so I have a few questions..

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